Alberto portrait
  • Expedition: Feb 16-21, 2003
  • Alberto
  • Berkeley, Sunnyside and Franklin High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Badger Pass to Dewey Point

Favorite food: Chinese food
Place: Mexico
Movie: The Fast and the Furious
I admire: my dad and mom.
If I could change anything in the world it would be: I would change all the gas cars because they pollute the air a lot. I would make more electric cars.

Alberto by quinzy

What do you think wilderness is?

Wilderness is a beautiful and peaceful place. It's somewhere you can come and see lots of cool places. In the wilderness you can have lots of fun when there is snow. You can ski around different areas.

"What the world really needs are people that come alive."

Some people come alive when they are doing something they like or enjoy. Different people come alive in different ways. For example, I come alive when I'm working on a car or on my go-karte; it is my job. It depends what kind of person you are because if you don't like anything then you most likely won't come alive.

Jenifer, ALberto, Steven, Ger, Marcus and Rosa in quinzy
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