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  • Expedition: Jan 5-10, 2003
  • Sara
  • Planada and Le Grand High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest. Hite's Cove

If I were to change something in the world...I would change it in a way so that it would be as clean and beautiful as Yosemite.

photo:sara and group on trail

Nickname: Curly
Adjectives: Self-motivated, Diligent worker, Calm person.
Two people who inspire you: my mom and teacher from Le Grand High Mr. Martinez.
What is one thing you want to do this week? Throughout this week I will like to write. Not just write, but let my feelings go and write about the freedom of nature.
What is one thing you want to do in your life? In my life, in the future, I want to come and live in Yosemite or near, somewhere where it is quiet.
Favorite food: Enchiladas
Favorite movie: "The Land Before Time"
Favorite place: Out in the country near trees, animals, streams, grass, etc.

Monday 6, 2003

I have taken a good and warm shower. We are having breakfast at 7:00 a.m.

I have met Chris and Chistin. They are two teachers with the motivated heart and mind of leaders. They will be with us the whole day. We will be hiking. Barbara Miranda will also come with us in this hike.

We are now in the hike, we all stop in front of this beautiful mountain. We are playing a game for them to learn our names and so we could learn theirs. "cool so far mad dogging ah ah ahuhuh"

"How are the wild places relevant to California?"

Wilderness is like the trunk of the world. The carnivores, omnivores, herbivores, producers, consumers and decomposers are all the branches of that natural trunk. We all depend on it. Just by listening to the water rush with a virulent force through the unmovable rocks gives you the feeling of strength from the bottom of your heart. You look up and there are mountains surrounding you, that you long to reach for. However when you start something you must finish it. I feel like a rock, I feel like a tree. I feel like a bird flying free.


There are many obstacles, but many adventures to live, when I really think about it when I'm in Yosemite, the heart of the Sierra Nevada, I feel like a bug with the heart and the brain the size of a mountain. Wilderness is fun, beautiful, adventurous and educational. However it can be your motivation and inspiration through life. Even though it's all of the above this is a place from where we could learn fromthe diversity of living organisms and not just that, but we get to know ourselves. We have many obstacles, fears and doubts in our hike through the Sierra Nevada. These hikes are somehow related to the chances and paths we should chose in life, they are not going to be easy but with strength we are all going to succeed.

So as the branches of the tree we must protected and care for it as long as we live.

Wednesday 8, 2003

Image: Sara's journal page

We can always relate ourselves and our surroundings with a tree. A tree can produce food for you and also gives you shade, a tree is a home for many animals. A tree is not just a tree. A tree is the example of freedom throughout the world. Like I've probably said before, the trunk is what gives safety and life to the branches, the trunk in our life can be our parents. They are the trunks that will keep us high above from harm, and until us the branches grow old enough and break off; that trunk will always be there for us.

I think that the process of deforestation is not right. Well, I don't see any reason for hundreds of trees to get chopped off and ever being planted again. However I know that many of the times this process occurs is for humans use. Most of the times it mighe be for a good cause, but I still think that it's not right!

Solo Hike

This is the challenge and experience I was looking forward to. As I was on my own out their surrounded by the diversity of natural wilderness I was amazed by all the things that I saw and all the things that were going through my head. When I was out their I noticed many beautiful things; however, the rocks were the best things I saw. Rocks are cold with no soul, rocks are beautiful with many things to provide. Rocks can't talk, rocks can't walk. Even though they can't walk, look around and you are surrounded by them. Rocks can't talk but the river speaks for them. Rocks have being around for millions of years. The village of Hites Cove is surrounded and probably built w/ rocks. Even further back, the Incas built all they had w/ rocks. Even the "Siete Moasis" which are in Peru. The "Siete Moasis" surrounded the territory of the Incas. So as we see rocks are around for our own use. A rock is stronger than any other thing you can think about. Rocks give themselves to us for a good cause. However, we give nothing to it, we don't even have a good perspective on it.

After this hike I am going to remember that the last thing that a person should lose is hope. You should also trust yourself and never let the fears and doubts overcome you, you overcome your fears and doubts.Cool Hike

image:sara solo hik
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