Laura portrait
  • Expedition: Jan 5-10, 2003
  • Laura
  • Planada and Le Grand High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest. Hite's Cove

If I were to change one thing in the would be for everyone to stop judging each other, because no one is perfect. And you shouldn't ever think you're better off then someone else, because theres always someone better off than you.

photo:laura with big backpack

Nickname: Spooky
Adjectives: Funny, mature, dorky
Two people who inspire you: My sister, my brother
What is one thing you want to do this week? Stay warm
What is one thing you want to do in your life? Finish everything I start.
Favorite food: clam chowder with a sandwhich at the Pizza Factory
Favorite movie: "American History X"
Favorite place: Anywhere with my friends.

Relevance of the Sierras
The diversity between Sierra Nevadas and California I think is very relevant. Especially to us, us being Mexicans because most of us have relatives or ancestors that are Native Americans. And the first type of people in Yosemite were Native Americans. Also to many people their ancestors are very important to know about, and where is a better place than Yosemite.

There are also many other way that our lives are effected by what goes on in Yosemite. For example, where do you think your drinking water comes from? If you guessed from Yosemite Mountains you're right. So, what do you think would happen to our water if visitors that go to Yosemite polluted the water? Do you think we will actually want to drink it after that happened to it? No, I didn't think so. I would [not] want to drink dirty water either. That is why it is so important to keep our water clean. But not only Yosemite's water. We should keep the whole Sierra Nevadas clean. Because this is where we all came from. And if we want to keep it looking as beautiful as it already is we shouldn't do anything to pollute the environment.

Journal entry 1-8-03

laura with new friends

Well, since I'm someone who is always w/ my friends it was very difficult for me to come on this trip. About a week before I come, there were a lot of things going on in my life. And I felt as if I needed a break from everyone and everything. But now that I'm here I am so home sick. Not really though. It's not that I don't like it here, but I really miss my friends. Because if my friends were here I would have so much more fun. Since I usually don't experience too many new things on my own. So, as you may have guessed it is really hard to do this on my own. Especially without the support of my friends. Well, although yes I do miss my friends undoubtedly, I am very proud of myself just knowing that I can be independent. Especially in a place such as this.

P.S. Not only my friends is what I miss but how they make me feel day after day! Just making me feel loved means so much. But out here I'm so alone. Not just out here but anywhere without my friends.

Spirit of Adventure

"The mountains can be reached in all seasons. They offer a fighting challenge to heart, soul and mind, both in summer and winter. If througout time the youth of the nation accept the challenge the mountains offer, they will keep alive in our people the spirit of adventure. That spirit is a measure of the vitality of both nations and men. A people who climb the ridges and sleep under the stars in high mountain meadows, who enter the forest and scale peaks, who explore glaciers and walk ridges buried deep in snow -- these people will give their country some of the indomitable spirit of the mountains."-- William O. Douglass

image: laura's sketch

This quote can mean many different things to everyone. To me it means that throughout a journey you can face many obstacles. Not every thing is easy! SO don't expect life to be handed to you. There are obstacles that we will all be faced with and challenges throughout our lives. And those challenges will test your mind, body, and soul. This trip has tested all of that and more. Because this has been one of those unforgettable experiences. I think this trip has been one of those challenges that we are faced with. And I am not only proud of myself but each and everyone of my group members, since no one gave up. And on one let anyone else fall behind. We have all tried our hardest and have accomplished something some of us didn't think we could do.

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