Daniel portrait
  • Expedition: Jan 5-10, 2003
  • Daniel
  • Planada and Le Grand High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest. Hite's Cove

If I were to change one thing in the world...it would be the world would be one country.

andre, daniel, and mr. gomez

Nickname: Mumbles
Adjectives: Not afraid to try new things or hobbies, plays lots of games, plays lots of sports well almost.
Two people who inspire you: my mom and dad
What is one thing you want to do this week? 1 thing I want to do this week is go camping in the snow.
What is one thing you want to accomplish in your life? 1 thing I wanted to do in my life is to leave the United States and travel the world.
Favorite food: Lasagna, sushi, miso soup, orange chicken, and crab. Mainly lasagna
Favorite movie: "Saving Private Ryan "
Favorite place: Santa Anna

How the Sierra Nevada is relevant to California
to me is more scientific than spiritual. daniel in the river with the group Many people are amazed and touched when they come to Yosemite as for me, I only live two hours away, I been here many times and all I see is a mountain missing its side and trees and trees. I'm not really into botany, or geological, people come and see Half Dome and are just blown away. I was like that at first but soon came to see that it was a mountain with one side. I say don't worry about the mountains they are going to be there for a while. Now water this is relevant to California in a big way due to that it is what's used to grow plants and crops in the Central Valley. Can mountains do that no, but they do help with making glaciers to produce water. Trees this tall provided wood for houses if there weren't trees in the Sierra Nevadas where would California get some of its wood from the east is too long and cost money. Overall the Sierra Nevadas are a prime resource in water, wood, and minerals like gold, iron, silver and steel. This is how the Sierra Nevadas are relevant to California.

The Spirit of Adventure
This trip won't really change me at all the only thing I'll get out of this trip is unforgettable memories of the stars in the sky. How cold it is to be in a river during the winter. Also a hike which is up to 4 nights long.

The challenges of this trip towards my point of view were to be lets say... The using the bathroom out in the wild, and having to stay warm in the middle of winter. Everything else is a breeze cause I camp in the summer a lot. The quote I believe isn't really true cause there are other places to go or other things that are adventerus not just mountains and forest. Like hang gliding, deep sea diving, traveling to foreign nations. How I'll keep adventure in me is maybe traveling and I don't know what cause I'm always busy so I'll keep adventure alive in my mind.

dan playing dead
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