Chely portrait
  • Expedition: Jan 5-10, 2003
  • Chely
  • Planada and Le Grand High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest. Hite's Cove
sketch: chaceli's nickname

Nickname: Chely
Adjectives: Friendly, nice, cheerful
Two people who inspire you: My mother on a daily basis, Kris helped me out a lot and I appreciate it.
What is one thing you want to do this week? I would like to get through the week and prove to my self that I am capable of surviving out here.
What is one thing you want to accomplish in your life? In my life I would like to go out to the world and be an independent person. Experience real life.
Favorite food: Chinese
Favorite movie: "The Others/Shrek"
Favorite place: My room.

chely backpacking


Bring back our history Water - pollution Out of the ordinary life Gives us a chance to explore what is all around us. Once we risk loosing all of this extravagant beauty there will be no way in which we will be able to try and recreate it. We need to take care of our wilderness which is all a little piece of my life and life experiences. Before I didn't really think that there was so much important background to wilderness. But now I have learned that in a great big impact on us as well as California.

image: chely's sketch

Why is wilderness relevant to California as well as us? Realize how simple little things make you realize how what we see in a daily basis is not actually all there is to the world. When you stop and take a minute to think how this out here is not just wild life. It is also a big part of our own history If we don't take care of all of this majestic and beautiful place, the world would most likely end and be destroyed. Why? Because all of the things wildlife has set out for us to use. The water from the rivers. The trees we cut down for various reasons.

Why are the Sierra Nevadas relevant to California? Chely's favorite day The more time I spend out here in nature, the more I come to understand about it. Once I take a minute and think about this I come to understand that Yosemite, as well as the rest of the Sierra Nevadas is much more than just mountains, trees and rivers. It all connects to other things. For instance, back in time when Califonia was not yet a world like it is today there were people.

The Spirit of Adventure Walking by myself on this trail made me feel free. As I was walking, I could hear the water from the river, dropping from rock to rock. I could also hear birds as they were flying around, chirping with joy. On my way I also noticed quite a few more things than before. I really enjoyed walking by myself. The reason being was because I just walked at my own pace, nice and slow. No one hurrying me up or just people ahead of me giving me a funny look, trying to let me know to hurry up.

chely and esmeralda

These past few days I have seen and learned new things about nature and the people around me, as well as things I thought I could never do myself.

I learned that the environment has a big role in the circle in which things work out. I also learned that people are somewhat different out here than what they seem to be back home. One thing just might be me because I never really had the chance to be out here with other people, out here without the usual things we are used to. I guess that was the challenge. To be out in nature and like in a different warp.

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