Andre portrait
  • Expedition: Jan 5-10, 2003
  • Andre
  • Planada and Le Grand High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest. Hite's Cove

If I were to change one thing in the world it would be...
The destruction of the forests and the wars.

andre with larry and dan

Nickname: Hungry Bear
Adjectives: Exciting and Brave
Two people who inspire you: My little nephew, my cousin.
What is one thing you want to do this week? Have a lot of fun and play a snowfight.
What is one thing you want to accomplish in your life? One thing I want to do in life is become a ranger and keep the environment clean.
Favorite food: Mexican Food
Favorite movie: "How High"
Favorite place: Yosemite

Relevance of the Sierra Nevadas: The relevance of the Sierra Nevada's to California people is the history. The history ahs to do with all of the state no only the people in the environment but everybody in the world. Like in a video we saw , this has to do back in the Civil War. The President, Mr. Lincoln signed a paper for the preservation of the park. That's pretty amazing. The other part of the park is its beauty. Its nature amazes me. When I went on the backpacking experience it was wonderful. I loved it. But this park means a lot of things for the people in the Central Valley. Yosemite Park has all the water that goes to our towns and cities around the central valley. If this park wouldn't be more than the valley would have been dead. There would be no water to drink, take a shower, or to simply wash your hands. That why we people of California need to take care of our environment and each wildlife park we have in our state. If this park is destroyed then I won't ever have the opportunity to fulfill my dream to become a wildlife ranger. So people please take care of the park and don't litter please keep the area clean for the sake of this state. Thank you very much for letting me come on this experience.

image: andre's sketch of a newt newt

The Spirit of Adventure:The experience I had in this hike were how to come into my senses and my "inner dorkness". It was a great experience when we collected the bugs and those creatures in the water. The good things is that we counted how many drops of I think it was sodium or something like that would it take to clear the water. That was a great things to do. I think that this quote is trying to tell you that to try new things once in a while will let your spirit be free from the others.

Andre before the hike
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