Sonady portrait
  • Expedition: Nov 30 - Dec 5, 2003
  • Sonady
  • Expedition 2
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite's Cove

The difference wilderness makes in me:

It feels nice to be out here in the wilderness. Because being out here sometimes you really don't need to keep track of time. It made me reflect on our great ancestors. I believe they didn't have cars, and anytime they needed to get somewhere they would walk. I say it is a good thing that I came on this wilderness trip. It taught me so many things that I never thought about learning like how to cook and set up a stove. How to purify water. How other people feel and not just how I feel. Today I learned a great moral of respect. That you should always respect others because once you don't you lose their trust and friendship.

sketch: wednesday's hike

Wilderness is:

Wilderness is when you're going on a trip to be one of the survivor cast member. It is pretty much an endurance. Because you have to conserve so much energy, food and water. Without these things you wouldn't be able to complete this great challenge. If I was to be out in the wilderness by myself it would be very hard. I'm glad I'm in the wilderness with other fellow students. I'm grateful that we do things as a team and encourage one another. Things seem to get more done if you think about it. If we was to be stranded by ourselves and no contact with any other humans you'll know what we all need each other beside our family at home; over here we are one family.

Merced River

Should this place be a life for me
When all my sense just comes to see
A picture, and image of a scenery
Where there's no time to think of ol' memories
A quiet place, for a quiet nite.
No sounds of fight, and no sound of fright.
A place where I belong
And peacefully sleep
In the minds whistling songs,
Of earth's natural peak.

Tell me, is this a place that I should leave
Where all good memories just comes to me
Tell me, why it's so peaceful, than life at home
It seems that all my memories, has been left alone
Is it home, is this life
Is there time that is needed to sacrifice
For a place of peace,
Where I can face in peace

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