Sokkhom portrait
  • Expedition: Nov 30 - Dec 5, 2003
  • Sokkhom
  • Expedition 2
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite's Cove

The difference wilderness makes in me:

Out in the wilderness is like a new world to me because there are things that make this place a place the way it is, it's natural, things just grow and make the wilderness a beautiful place. Being out in the wilderness makes me a new person from where I come from. Out here is a quiet, beautiful view of the mountains and listening t the sound of the river. This makes me a person, a person that wants to go out in the wilderness. A person that has responsibility of what I'm doing, making right choices to make me have fun in the wilderness, it makes me want to do this more often. Just being alone and writing in your journal. Out in the wilderness I act on the responsibility of what I'm doing to make it fun...I wouldn't act the way I act at home it is different here out in the has more places to go just following the trail and see things we don't have at home. There it is the same things, same friends...out in the wilderness I meet new people and become friends to make friends, show them that you're a good friend don't be so stubborn be nice and act right. Being out here is peaceful, calm, and have a great time spending out in the wilderness. It's really nice out here.

sketch: forest

Wilderness is:

Wilderness is a place of wild things, trees, mountains being left alone. A place where it is by itself, quiet and peaceful, there's no disturbance anywhere if you're out in the wilderness. Wilderness to me is a natural place, being out here in the wilderness describes the word wilderness, everything you see out here is wilderness: rocks, hills, mountains grass and many more...being out here in the wilderness you'll find things you want to see and feel and won't forget what you did out in the wilderness. Poison oak describes wilderness because there's poison oak in certain places.

sokkhom sampling water
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