Noon portrait
  • Expedition: Nov 30 - Dec 5, 2003
  • Noon
  • Expedition 2
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite's Cove

The difference wilderness makes in me:

It's the first day out in the wilderness. Everything here is beautiful. I can see the bright, shining moon and hear the gentle rush as the river flows. It's so peaceful. My mind is clear, fresh, and I don't think, but instead sense with my heart and soul. I feel the serenity that surrounds me. Even the warmth of the city can not bring the sense of tranquility and happiness that stirs inside me when I sit on this little hill and watch the dark blue skies and the tall green mountains. In the city where it's polluted, the wilderness is fresh and calm. Even though it's the same sky I'm watching and probably the same star, the feelings are different. I don't feel any stress or think about any problems in my life. Instead I feel what the wilderness feels, sense what the wilderness senses, and smell what the wilderness smells. I don't feel so isolated and alone even thought I'm in solitude. I feel as if I don't have to care about anything, but the new world around me. At the city, there's no time for peace or happy solitude, but those moments usually end up being times when stress and conflicts of the mind are. I can here my voice echo and I can hear my voice even when I don't speak. It seems any sadness has deteriorated as soon as I sep foot into complete wilderness. I didn't need to care who I was in the city Here I feel I can be who I want to be. Think what I want to think. Say what I want to say. All the emotions I share with the wilderness. I don't need communications like at home. All I need to do is open my heart and mind I feel the emotions I want to share.

sketch: hills

Wilderness is:

Wilderness is accepting the true beauty of nature. Wilderness is opening your mind to more than just adventure, but being able to appreciate it. Wilderness is being able to see beyond the civilization view, but closing your eyes and feeling its beauty. This is what wilderness is to me. Wilderness is a beautiful place to be and a magical world to venture. Too bad most people take it for granted. It's so peaceful and a wonderful place to relax. The wilderness opened my mind and broadened my perspective on life. Life is more than a living, breathing species and enjoying mankind, but there is other life in the wilderness. I just smashed a ladybug I didn't know was there. That's how people are, they can't understand the wilderness or feel its beauty until they are here to see and experience it.

river in mist

Until the Light Touches Dawn

Only time can heal wounds
For hearts shattered and ruined.
Though tears and swollen eyes can ease the pain
The misery and despair remains.
When only night exists
And when visions blur in mist
One can only think of time
To feel confusion of one's mind.
With hatred to condemn
One must face fear and revenge
But with love to cherish
True contentment will never perish
When one has a future to pursue
Then will one understand what is true.
Until the light touches dawn
There is still time to move on.

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