Tienna portrait
  • Expedition: May 26-31, 2002
  • Tienna
  • Detroit Metropolitan Community Center, Atwater, and Owens Valley High School
  • Mono Meadow

Goals and Expectations

Going on this Backpacking trip I expect it to be hard and a little difficult because the big packs are heavy. Plus we have to carry cooking gear, food, and [the] other thing [is that] I would probably be cold. I really just want to get up there and be the toughest girl out there. I'm used to being a tomboy but I think this will most likely be the hardest thing I [have] ever done.

Mountains are everywhere nothing but beautiful mountains

There are mountains everywhere which are so beautiful to me. I took so many pictures of the mountains, I don't have enough for the people I met. It's pretty weird being away from home.


River how you flow so gently in one place or another. How the waves crash against the rock as if you had a heartbeat. How you feel upon my feet: very cold, but heart warming and gentle. As you flow I wonder do you ever stop or [do you] go on forever. I wish I was a river so peaceful and clam, not bothering a soul and not a soul to bother me. I wonder sometimes why people hurt you. You have done nothing but provide for us. I wish there was a way for me to give back to you.

River you're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Some parts of you are so rough but still I continue to wonder is it because we have wasted you time and time again. Or is it because we have destroyed you. But sometimes we never know how much we hurt you as we hurt ourselves. Water, you're too pure to lose, we need you always.

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