Anthony portrait
  • Expedition: May 26-31, 2002
  • Anthony
  • Detroit Metropolitan Community Center, Atwater, and Owens Valley High School
  • Mono Meadow

what is wilderness? are you in wilderness now? well, personally i don't think that curry village really counts as wilderness. wilderness implies that you're outdoors surrounded by the forest and the wildlife. here in curry village all i see are tourists and buildings. the only thing that proposes [that] we're even out in a forest is the trees and the mountains.

Goals and Expectations

I was still uncertain about coming out here, but I guess my expectations would be to enjoy all the different things I get the privilege to experience. At first this journal felt more like homework, but now I look at it as pasting my thoughts on paper for me to view later. (Maybe it's the water! )

I want to get to know all these people before the end of the week, even though I might never see them again.

I guess, not to sound like a hippie or anything, I want to find some sort of fulfillment out here.


Poured out over a cliff
in a frantic rush;
Nothing could quite compare to something
so lovely and lush.

I stand and watch the beauty that
is absolutely unique;
I want to go into it but
I know it is not so meek

It has a wonderful sway that
tows you toward it
but underneath is
an uncontrollable torment

So consider this a warning
or at least be on your guard
Because for something so magnificent
the beating's rather hard

To walk through the rocky mountains
To pass through shady trees
The splendor of it all is overwhelming
It brings me to my knees

But in this magnificent splendor
of captivating sight
I wish you were here with me
To hold you close and tight

I'll sleep somewhere under the stars
with my eyes set on the moon
And I'll breathe a breath of joy
Because I'll see you very soon...

Day 1: May 26

So far I am doing what I can to "warm up" to all the different cultures I'm being introduced to. Everyone has been quiet, but at the same time it is apparent that everyone wants to get to know each other.

Day 3: May 28

Well, the major hike has begun! We packed some more supplies like bear canisters and tents, causing the backpacks to gain in weight! Nonetheless, we started hiking; there were many downhill and uphill slopes and we must have stopped about 12 times, if not more. We also had many different obstacles to pass through: dead trees that fell along the path, streams, marshes, and my favorite--snow. Unfortunately, it's spring so there were only patches but it was still a precious commodity [that] I don't get to enjoy every day.

We walked approximately 2.5 miles and though it might not sound like much, remember, we're hopping over streams and climbing over rocks and trees, not to mention it's all rocky terrain! The backpacks were no help to the situation seeing as we have to virtually carry our house on our back.

We've set up camp right along a river, and it is certainly soothing to hear the current. Hopefully I'll see stars in their full splendor tonight.

I've seen amazing sights all throughout the hike, great views of Half Dome and Glacier Point, along with countless other extraordinary sights. Bonding between I and the other hikers is going well. Everyone talks freely and there is apparently no conflict between anyone. I think it's safe to say I've made some new friends. We spent some time getting to know each other after dinner's really nice to see how other people are on the inside, especially these guys from Detroit...they also have afflictions with stereotyping. I feel a little closer now with everyone here. I imagine it will be difficult when we finally part.

I got some really great inspiration out here with all the sights, and it's soo quiet. Unlike [at] Camp Curry, I can actively gather my thoughts out here and just relax. Sometimes, though, I get this eerie feeling: I see all these things and can smell and feel everything, but it's almost like it's...too good to be true,'s so beautiful and magnificent that it couldn't possibly be real...I don't know.

Day 5: May 30

I've Died! I'm Dead, leave me alone! We've just hiked into [Glacier Point] and I am done! It was all uphill, and my feet just went numb.

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