Travis portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 14-19, 2002
  • Travis
  • West High School
  • Hite's Cove

First Impressions

what is wilderness?
wilderness is a place off in the wild where there aren't many people aound and you can easily yell and hear your voice echo.

are you in wilderness now?[yosemite valley]: in a way we are but in a way we're not because people that work or live out here know where to take us and have been on most of the trails if not all of them so i really don't think we are in wilderness but it's pretty close to it.

Goals and Expectations

My goals for this trip are to make a couple of new friends and to come back a couple times a year.

I really have no expectations, I just want to have a good time in whatever we do.

My Biggest Challenge

I think my biggest challenge was the hike over to Hite's Cove. Nothing after that (so far) was hard. I have been having (one of) the greatest experiences of my life and every day gets better or more interesting. I'm going to hate to leave this beautiful place. But I have to so I'll make the best possible of everything that I can. And so far I have.

Wilderness Poetry

This place reminds me of heaven
No one yelling, no one stealing
Everything out here is as
Precious as gold
I would love to stay
But I have to go
So I'll leave with the best possible experience,
I know
I love the smell
I love the sights I love the way there are no rights
I love to sing I love to pray out here
I know I could do that all
Day I love to look I hate to draw
But out here I drew everything
I saw
This place reminds me of what is said to be heaven.
No schedule to worry about
All the time you need
The nicest people with you your best friends Indeed
Everyone says they love it out here
That they don't want to leave
Even people that really don't like nature and want to tear it down
Just look and let it be
Most are in so much shock about
How beautiful it is
They forget about their watch
Forget about the time and are happy to live
It's so cool to see the look on everyone's
Face it made me think "there's no way this place is a disgrace".
This place reminds me of heaven
Just as beautiful as can be
Some people throw trash
Some pick it up Some let it be
If you really drove though took a hike or two You would also see how beautiful this space is
And experience what it's like to live
If only people didn't throw trash
And the ones who did would pick it up
This place would be some much better
If only the people would leave the stuff that was here alone just let it be
This place reminds me of what is said to be heaven
So nice so beautiful the best
Place on earth possible for you to go.

I want to remember...

everything, it's SO beautiful. I have yet to have a bad experience, I don't think I'll forget anything that's happened so far. I love it out here. I wish I had a home close by because I would be here every day if I could. Just to enjoy the running water [and] the sounds it makes. I could listen to it all day. I think the one that would love it most would be my mom. She would almost die to get a house out here, to get a view like we got today on top of the mountain. It was sooo cool. I loved it. The hike was so long, but the sights were worth it: the water, and the mountains. It was one of the best sights I've ever seen. I would hike it again to see all the great views. Then there were the old mines, they were so cool. I got some cool pictures of them, which might be posted on the Internet. I like the way Hite's Cove was built and you can still see traces of it from then. The old houses made out of rocks are still there.

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