Lynn portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 14-19, 2002
  • Lynn
  • West High School
  • Hite's Cove

First Impressions

what is wilderness?
wilderness is the nature running wild.

are you in wilderness now?
[Yosemite Valley]:yes, we are in wilderness now.

Goals and Expectations

Goals: to enjoy the wilderness

Expectations: to let everything go as it pleases.

My Biggest Challenge

The challenge and new experience that I faced was that I scared of heights when I don't know how to control my weight fully, like with the pig [backpack] on my back and walking on the ledge.

I want to remember... I want to remember the way we all looked in the beginning. We were all happy and excited to go on such an adventure. At first we did not know each other. But now we are like holding hands. I want to remember the way this place (Hite's Cove) looks. The mines and old tractor pieces lying all over. The way the water brings a comfortable breeze. One of the most [important] things I can't forget is the way the tent cabins are so cold at night. The cafeteria had the same food over and over. Most of all I can't forget is my friends. The way we took a big stpe from not knowing each other to know about each other. Putting each others' lives in each others' hands. That is what I remember on this trip.

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