Antonio portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 14-19, 2002
  • Antonio
  • West High School
  • Hite's Cove

First Impressions

what is wilderness?wilderness is a place for all living species, where nature really takes hold.

are you in wilderness now?[yosemite valley] is mid-way into the wilderness because there are a lot more things where we are going.

Goals and Expectations

One of my main goals is to get rest. Because sometimes I can't concentrate because of the weather at night. Which brings me to expectations...I know I should expect it to be very cold at night so get hot while you can. My other goal is to cooperate and work as a team to help get through tough times. Also I have a goal to learn more about the wilderness. I expect good times and I also expect bad ones.

My Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge was trusting everyone to catch me from falling on the ground. And another is no television for the whole day. But those are sacrifices that I love to make, for future reference.

Wilderness Poetry

I Have a Dream
One day I had a dream.
That everyone on Earth will play
a role as a team.

To keep oceans blue and trees
Green. It don't seem harder
than it seem, start by
keeping the oceans Clean

One day the Lord will fulfill my
dream. Until then I'll do my part
to keep the Earth clean

Only If the Lord could hear me
Only If the Lord could hear
me. He would know all the things
I prayed for, never money.

I going to tell you something
very serious but you might think it's

Ever since I was seven I used to
think, Lord why were there slaves.
And ever since I was seven I
used to wonder why do people sell graves.

Do you mean it costs to die
here on your very land. Because
lives decrease a lot more than
they expand.

There are still things controlled and
not free. Things will be very different.
But only If the Lord could hear me.

Love Love is a four letter word
that is showed deeply
You feel so strong for this
person it kind of feels creepy.

Love is a four letter word
that you tell someone special
Someone you love from the inside
Never the facial

This four letter word is always heard
But remember unless you know
this person's special never use that

THAT very special Girl
My mom is a very special girl
Someone who I would cherish like diamonds and pearls.

Every time I see my mom she would look and smile.
She'll say, you always make mommy proud.

When I was sad she'll cry for me
And If I was in danger she'll die for me.

She is the one who will always stay in my blood.
I used to run in the house
And say mom I love you!! Just because.

She was the one who made sure I had a meal.
Even if she had to commit a sin such as kill.

No matter where I go in this world.
She will always be my Special Girl.

I want to remember...

All the things I've done in the past week, such as meeting a guy named Shelton...he was the greatest speaker I've ever heard. He is also from my hometown. The way he plays that flute is amazing. I want to remember Ms. Stockton for giving me such an opportunity to get out into the wilderness and away from drugs and violence. And I want to thank Jamie, Kristen, Lynn, Val, Robert, Steven and my good friend Trevor for being with me and letting me know I'm in good hands. The things we did together were so fun. We played plenty of games. They tested my thinking. They backed and supported my hunger.

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