• Expedition: Apr 14-19, 2002
  • West High School
  • Hite's Cove

On April 14, 2002, 6 students from West High School arrived in Curry Village, excited but a little bit apprehensive about their journey into Yosemite Valley and Hite's Cove. Together, they overcame the challenges of the backcountry, learning as much about themselves as they learned about their surroundings.

Expedition 4 ran from April 14-19, 2002. Students stayed in in Curry village for two nights before their 4 day, 3 night backpacking trip at Hite's Cove. They hiked 4 miles from Savage's Trading Post into Hite's Cove, taking in a rich and diverse display of wildflowers along the way. During the trip they:

  • explored Native American culture wilderness and diversity with Park Ranger Shelton Johnson
  • gathered important archaeological data for the United States Forest Service
  • learned about the history and flora of Hite's Cove from botanist Ann Mendershausen
  • collected hydrology data for the GLOBE program on the South Fork of the Merced upstream and dowstream of Hite's Cove
  • learned how to backpack using Leave No Trace principles
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