Sara portrait
  • Expedition: Feb 3-8, 2002
  • Sara
  • Reedley and Tokay High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite's Cove

First Impressions

Wow! It's amazing how much a person can take for granted. I mean, here I am in a place that's not that far from home and I feel like I'm in a whole new world. Nature is all around me and it's just so amazing. I have a good feeling about this expedition and I can't wait to explore more because there's just so much to learn and discover.

Goals and Expectations

I've been excited about this trip for a very long time. I'm glad to say that it's going greater than I had imagined.

I guess my goals are to be able to see things for the wat they are and just kind of take everything in. I think that if I open up to Nature's beauty then I will have a remarkable experience.

There's something very spiritual about this place and in the silence I can hear God calling to me. It's so amazing and I expect that when this expedition is over I will come out a stronger and wiser person inside and out.

Everything is so definite and detailed. It looks as if someone took extra time to make these mountains and rock formations so perfect with color. A little white, gray, black, green, charcoal, brown, red, yellow. All these colors surround me in this natural beauty. It's so awesome that I can't keep my eyes from staring and although Mom always told me not to, I think it's okay to stare at this--you know!?!

My Background and Wilderness

My background on doing these kinds of things (backpacking & camping) are very slim. My family hardly ever does this stuff, not that they wouldn't want to, but it's just hard to find the time to. Well, because of my inexperience with this kind of stuff, I can say I'm doing pretty good because my view on wilderness is pretty good. It's also fun to be able to experience this type of adventure with other people. Anyway, to me wilderness has always been taught to me with the understanding that it's a very precious thing. So, with that in my mind, being able to live it and in it is so awesome and I'm so grateful too!

Wilderness Haiku

Beautiful escape
far from a sad, cruel, mean, world
I let my soul fly

...The SUN woke me up today! Yeah! I feel good to be ALIVE! This place is way Awesome and it makes me feel good about myself. My mind is so open here and my soul is so free! I can't wait to share this with someone close! I hope that everyone can experience this sometime in their life!

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