Porfirio portrait
  • Expedition: Feb 3-8, 2002
  • Porfirio
  • Reedley and Tokay High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite's Cove

First Impressions

Today as I came to Yosemite I saw some cool stuff, but what I really liked seeing [was] the mountains. [I liked] how it was flat going up and how the light got it to look like something wonderful. Also, [it was cool] seeing all the snow on top of the Mountains [that were] higher than where I was. Also, [I like] hearing all the sounds that the river makes.

When we almost got back to Camp [Curry] we went and lay down in the snow to watch the stars. I had the chance to watch a shooting star. It all looked like it was fake. It looked like someone went over and painted all those wonderful things that are out there.

Goals and Expectations

I expect to learn stuff that I didn't know about. I also expect to see how animals survive in this kind of season. Also, [I hope] to learn how to work together even thought it took us [a] long [time to] pass through the lava in the game we played. I learned stuff and it was fun to see people trying so hard to make it. I like to see the snow all bright in the sun. I also want to learn more of how to find ways home if you [are] stranded.

My Background and Wilderness

I think that everyone has a cool background. Mine would be that I was born in Fresno and my Mom and Dad [were born] in Mexico. I've been reading about Mexico's history and I like it a lot. I mostly like to read about the Aztecs.

I think that everyone's background is a whole amazing story to be told. Some might be romantic, tragic, scary, adventurous, or heart-breaking. The best [part is] that we don't know what [will] happen, so we learn. I think that Mexico, the United States, and all other countries are good places to come from. If we all unite we well see [other] people's point of view, because others might have it different[ly].

Wilderness Poetry

As light falls behind mountains
Everything gets dark except your heart
Your heart is your light

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