Cindy portrait
  • Expedition: Feb 3-8, 2002
  • Cindy
  • Reedley and Tokay High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite's Cove

First Impressions

Hello Dear (Book) Friend,

I wanted to tell "u" that I'm not as cold as I thought I would be. I think I just had to get over the coldness and get into the more wonderfull things, such as taking in really long breathers of fresh air. And looking all around and knowing that you will be connected with all the non-materialistic objects. That's what's going on inside.

Outside I had just met some new people and they were really nice. The campfire was also pretty cool. We were looking at all the footprints in the snow and the funny things that happened was that I fell. Another beautiful moment was out in the meadow 'cause we saw the stars really clearly, the beautiful stars.

Goals and Expectations

Hi, my book friend. We are here in the meadow thinking on goals and expectations. And one of my expectations before I got here was to get away from the world and my black and white life, to put it aside for a while and to figure out what I really want. I believe God put us here for a reason and we each have a mission. But God's not going to give it to us that easy. We have to work hard for it and try to find it. My goal is to take some time and really ask and "?" myself: What is it that you want? What is it that you want to conquer? What makes you happy? Because everyone is after one thing and that is to be happy.

My Background and Wilderness

Good night. I am here in the wilderness, kicking back in what they call "my backyard". [I'm] on a hill with a big _ tree behind me and I don't really understand our "?", really. But here's a little something I think:

The lady that hiked with us was talking to us a lot about the Indians being here first and a white man making a lot money from gold. He made the Indians look like fools. The lady said that the Indians kicked him out after finding out about his wealth [and how he exploited them].

And a lot of other races like Whites, Indians, Mexicans, and Filipinos, etc., have all experienced the same racism. I find it really absurd that they treat each other like that. Still today it happens and I think it will continue to happen 'cause so many people have been treated like that and want to get even. So anyway, I hear the history of this place and [I listen] for the sounds of this place.

Wilderness Poetry

Dear Book Friend,

Nature is to plants
Nature is to mountains
Nature is to love
Nature is the rocks
Nature is our Future
Nature is the rivers
Nature is what makes us
Nature is who we are

Gaby is so true
Berta is so loyal
Ana is my best friend
Frank is so understanding
Jamie is so brave
John is so responsible
Sara makes me think
Lena is so outgoing
Porfy is so smart
Christy is so funny
Shawn makes me wonder
Chuiy is so very playful

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