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  • Expedition: Dec 1-6, 2002
  • John
  • Merced Boys and Girls Club
  • Yosemite National Park

AKA "Woodpecker" GOALS and FEARS for the week
My goals are in Yosemite is to learn stuff that I never saw and one of my goals are to see a bear in a wildlife form and see dome girls my age.

And the three things I'm worried about is getting attacked by bears and getting bit by a poisonous spider or fall off a mountain. And another goal is just have fun at Yosemite Park and that's about all. And just chill with Jesus and all my other friends.

sketch: pine cone

This forest is so beautiful and I will like to live here one day and I wish I can see some wildlife and when I walk through that forest I wonder a lot of things how will this place look in the future,. The air will be polluted and will the roads take over? That will really suck because it's so beautiful this place everybody should come to study. This place it's line free time, you don't worry about anything.

Javier. Jesus, John painting: John's tree

It is an established fact that people of European-American descent are more likely to use wilderness areas. Why do you think this is? Does your family use wilderness areas. If no, why not? If so, how?

The reason why different ethnics like to come here because in their county they never saw forest like this.b And my family doesn't like hiking or nothing like that.

I want to remember...

I want to remember all the new camp leaders I met. I want to remember all the trees we learnes. I want to remember how to cook still I want to remember when me and Umar dominated onJesus and Anthony on basketball. I want to remember the ice skating ring, when Anthony eated on the ice skating ring.

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