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  • Expedition: Dec 1-6, 2002
  • Edward
  • Merced Boys and Girls Club
  • Yosemite National Park

AKA "Grizzly"

Ed hiking

Imagine what it would be like to live as the Native Americans first did.

How to be a Native American. I think it well not be a very good to be a Native American cause I would probably die out there. But another way I will be warned if I have to be one. I mean it would be cool shooting bows and arrows through the deers that will be our food for the whole weekend. I think it will be good to be Native American.

sketch: leaf

It is an established fact that people of European-American descent are more likely to use wilderness areas. Why do you think this is? Does your family use wilderness areas. If no, why not? If so, how?

12.4.02 I think that my family will like to come to see the amusement park. I would like to v=bring my mom to see like the wilderness and the big giant sequoias and travel the Yosemite Park and have a lot of fun.

Ed collecting sample water

I want to remember...

12.5.02 I want to remember the camp firs and the stars and all the schools. I also want to remember solo hiking with the wilderness. I remember that they tricked us with the old fire station and they also told us we had to play a water game to earn the cabin so we did win the cabin so we were happy about that.

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