Anthony portrait
  • Expedition: Dec 1-6, 2002
  • Anthony
  • Merced Boys and Girls Club
  • Yosemite National Park

10 goals
help the environment
learn as much as I can about nature
learn the names of some trees
learn about Yosemite itself
not get in any fights
take advantage of the chance I get to be here
meet lots of folks carry lots of weight
respect the people who show me respect
try not to talk a lot and get caught up on a lie

3 fears
being eaten by bears
getting lost late and night
losing my lil pink bracelet (bracelet for food)

Photo: Anthony and water challenge

Imagine what it would be like to live as the Native Americans first did.

Native Americans
Even though we live in the present it is possible to imagine what it was life for Native Americans. Today it's called roughing the outdoors or something like that but I was roughing it today then it must have been the roughest for the Native Americans. Out clothes are warm and more advanced while their's were a thin sheet of animal hide. Predicting the past is no easy task but it can be done by artifacts they left behind. Helping us imagine what the harsh winter was like and how difficult i was to catch food.

drawing: Anthony's tree

Roots: what ground me - my mother and my brother What supports me: my family and friends My goals: to do what I can to make my life successful What I give back: I give respect to everyone who shows me respect

It is an established fact that people of European-American descent are more likely to use wilderness areas. Why do you think this is? Does your family use wilderness areas. If no, why not? If so, how?

I think Europeans are mostly acquainted with the backlands because once they first experienced nature and its beauty it's hard to stop coming to it. Every time you visit the back lands you learn something new. And I guess Europeans love to learn.

My family and I have had the privilege of camping out in the open because we heard it was a great experience and to get away from the city.

Sketch and notes of leaf

I want to remember...

I want to remember How many times I almost fell; The mammals I found, I mean saw; When I went ice skating; When we played the buger game; When we played the I love you game; The tree fame we always played; The sites I saw and what were they; The run me John, Jesus, and Jave went on; The water sample we took; The 6th graders talking to me; Poos (outhouse); The beer cans we found; The purifying water tablet; How nice the air was to breathe; Meeting Jocelyn, Kristin, and Umar; Learning how to sleep on the ground in tents; When we played basketball; How quiet is was out here; The side of Half Dome, North Dome, Royal Arches, el Capitan, Vernal Falls, Yosemtie Falls; The warm cabin I slept in; The football game in the parking lot; The long ride to Yosemite; The long hike to Kristen's house; The water god (Garth); The pictures we took; The sequoias, the ferns, the furs, the oak and stuff; How cold it gets; Getting my socks wet in the creek; Having eddy start caping on people

The trail names: Anthony chickaree, John woodpecker, Mousey mousey, Jesus chomper Javie thumper, Kristen heron, Umar black bear, Jocelyn badger, Edgy grizzly

How many gun shot gun shells I've seen
The way we talked about air pollution

Anthony's signature
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