Maria portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 14-19, 2002
  • Maria
  • Turlock, Jill Kinmont Boothe, and Kingsburg High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park

Why did you want to come on this trip? 10 reasons/goals

I want to be here because its fun. You can meet other people. You can get to know them better like where they're from and what school they go to. Learn how to work in a team. One of my goals is to have fun on the hiking trip. And work together as a team. As a we are to help eachother. I was here last year I had fun, and that's why I'm here again to meet new faces and learn about them a little more. The other goal is to see new places at the park. I would love to see a bear. Lat year I comed I saw one but just the butt. But I would like to see it all this time I hope to see one.

Photo: Maria

3 Fears
One of my fears is to stay all by myself up in the woods or see a mountain lion that's one of my fears. The other one is to die in the woods and never be found. That would be sad.

Sketch: pine trees Sketch: trees with mountains in background

How were you challenged today?
Today was all right we had to go to sunrise it was 4 miles of hike we took 4 hours to their. We were tired and we had people that are slow but we made it through. My challenge the big hill. I thought that some of the people were not going to make it. But I'm very happy that they made it though.

Photo: Maria guiding the way

I think… I think I see the mountains and rock and a trail in front of us.

I hear… I hear the air and birds sing.

I touch… I touch the rocks.

Maria's signatute
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