Jaspreet portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 14-19, 2002
  • Jaspreet
  • Turlock, Jill Kinmont Boothe, and Kingsburg High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park

Why did you want to come on this trip? 10 reasons/goals

Tuesday 10/15/02 1. extra credit in Biology class 2. no homework for one week 3. hiking 4. meet mew students 5. get away from my house 6. no baseball for whole one week 7. no more lecture in Spanish class 8. learn more about WildLink 9. to be in the newspaper 10. no math test and history test

3 Fears 1. fall off the mountains 2. bears will eat me 3. I'm gonna freeze in my cabin

Sketch: fir twig

How were you challenged today?

10/16/02 The hiking was really easy for me today, because maybe I came last year. The biggest challenge was for me today to sleep with Milia and Nikiee. They both love to talk at night and I can't sleep without talking, because I love to talk and talk and talk. If I don't talk at night my stomach gets fatter. That's why I can't keep everything in my stomach. And my another challenge was cell phone, because I love to talk on my phone with my friend Kasim for 3 hours. I thought at morning, "How I'm gonna survive without the phone." I called my friend Kasim 5 times, but his cell phone was off. I was sad for a couple of hours. Still I survived!!!!

Photo: view from trail Photo: Jaspreet, Milia, Puneet

I think…I won't fall down because I don't wanna fo home with one leg.

I hear…I hear people talking, and the sound of the wind

I see…I see big trees, rocks, backpacks all over the place

I touch…I touch my journal, pencil and rocks.

Photo: Jaspreet getting water


Ever since we used to cry about small things…
I have loved you.
Ever since we used to sneak out to house and count the stars…
I have loved you.
Now, I myself have forgotten
since when I have loved you.
But I can only say,
that I have loved you and only you.

I tried to forget you.
I tried very hard not to think about u.
But I just could not.

He should you love you
The way you are
Not the way, he wants you to be
If he try to changes you
Then it's not a love,
it's a compromise
And jasi, in love people never do compromises.

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