• Expedition: Sep 30 - Oct 4, 2002
  • Vannessa
  • Woodlake and Reedley High Schools
  • Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks

How is Sequoia National Park different from home?

The difference is that here in the sequoias we can see the trees and the animals that we can't see at home. Up here the breeze is great and its cold but its better than home. Nature is what we have here not at home, maybe in the country that's all. Its' beautiful in the sequoias.

Imagine what it would be like to be like to be one of the first people to live in the park.

sketch: Tharp's Cabin

We seen a cabin that was owned by Hale O Tharp, pioneer resident of the Three Rivers locality, first visited Giant Forest in 1858 accompanied by two Yokut Indians he lived in this rustic cabin each sum from 1861 until Sequoia National Park was established in 1890. He used the nearby meadows as range for his livestock.

Tharp was recognized as discoverer of Giant Forest died at his old three rivers ranch home on November 5, 1912 at the age of 84 years.

Photo: around the fire


On October 1st we went hiking up the mountains, "smiles." We made many stops but we kept on going; we hiked through a little bad weather, a lot of snow but we still made it to Clover Creek we set up our tents at our campsite and cooked dinner and had a little story time. Some people went to sleep but some of the others such as myself stayed up and sat next to the fire just a little longer. Then I went to bed, I didn't sleep that well though because I was cold; but because it snowed that's what made it more fun for us. We had woke up and ate breakfast and just talked about things and had fun. All we did was site around the fire and just talked then we started to clean up. At night we seen three parties of four and second group we saw had went back down because they couldn't hang like us. Well we backpacked and walked back, but I forgot yesterday we saw deer and a baby black bear. We seen many birds - it was amazing.


Well today, October 2, 2002, we hiked back to beetle rock and seen the party down at the lodgepole that couldn't hang with us. And as we put our things in the car and got in the car and took off, we stopped and looked at the largest tree in the world. Then we got back to beetle rock and got organized and made ourselves feel good and here we are writing in our journal. Out of my opinion I enjoyed everything and I enjoyed my group because these are some nice people and another thing I have to admit is the view from certain spots are just wonderful to me.

sketch: forest

"Ladybug Camp"

Today is October 3rd and we are here at this campsite that's actually cool because we are right next to a stream. We are at Ladybug camp and everybody put up there tents and ate something, settled down and now we are writing in our journals. On the way up here we kind of struggled but it wasn't bad, it wasn't as bad as the time it was snowing. It was not that far of a walk either. The walk was about 1.5 miles because it took us about 30 minutes to get here so it was not so bad. So far so good I am having a good time. Right now I could hear the streams and the water running it sounds very nice and peaceful. Well we will se what's going to happen next.

notes: Macroinvertebrates

October 3, 3003 3:30 pm, ladybug camp up trail to switch back then down the stream.

Every tenth animal is a beetle.

sketch: Vanessa's signature
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