Saul portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 30 - Oct 4, 2002
  • Saul
  • Woodlake and Reedley High Schools
  • Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks

How is Sequoia National Park different from home?

10/1/02 It is a beautiful place better than home because you can enjoy the wilderness and think about a lot of things and no one tells you everything.

Today we went for a hike and we saw this cabin where this man used to live. Before he would go to sale his cows he would stay in a cabin and while his cows got fat so he could go sell them in Visalia.

10/2/02 Today we hike Twin Lake trail and it started snowing and it was really nice but it was cold to. When we arrived to our camp grounds everyone was cold and when we started a fire no one wanted to go get wood because we were just to cold. And it is still snowing now and we are going to sleep here to see how bad it gets because if it gets worse we will go back but if nice we would go on to the lakes.

10/3/02 Today we hike down because it was snowing all night and we decide not to go on because it was to dangerous cause we wouldn't see the trail. And when we got back to Beetle Rock we got some food we camp at Lodgepole camp grounds and in the morning we will go to a different camp grounds down towards the valley.

10/4/02 Today we are at Ladybug camp ground by the three rivers and it is our last night and I am kind of sad because tomorrow we will all say goodbye to each other and I will miss everyone.

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