Rogelio portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 30 - Oct 4, 2002
  • Rogelio
  • Woodlake and Reedley High Schools
  • Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks

Monday 9/30/02

Today is our first walk, we talked about how the air pollution from cities like San Jose and Fresno are damaging all the trees up here in the forest.

If I were living here back then I would have built me a good house and taken out my weapon to go hunting. Back in the days, life was sometimes hard because in the winter all the animals would have gone to a warmer spot. It would have been hard to find some food and some fur to keep you warm.

Drawing: General Sherman tree

Tuesday 10/01/02

Today was much better than yesterday. Last night it was really cold and I couldn't sleep that well and Robert was snoring. This morning when I woke up, I got out of the tent and saw a deer. After we left the camp, we saw a small bear. In the late afternoon, we hiked up a mountain for about 4 ½ miles and then about half a mile down. On the way it started snowing. When we reached a camp spot, we set up everything and we built a fire for the rest of the day.

Photo: Rogelio

Drawing: trail

Wednesday 10/02/02

This morning I woke up cold but then I got out of the tent and went to the fire. After we had breakfast, after we were ready to leave, the snow started to melt. The hike back was easy because most of it was downhill. When we reached the vans, we got in and left to see the General Sherman tree which is the largest tree in the world. Afterwards, we left to go back to Beetle Rock to get warm.

Photo: Rogelio with snowman

Thursday 10/03/02

Today when we woke up they told me I was snoring. I believed them because I slept warm and cozy since we slept indoors. We left in the vans down about 5000 feet towards out new campsite which I really don't like much because there are rattlesnakes and tarantulas. On our hike here to Ladybug Camp, which is our campsite, we saw many different trees and poison oak.

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