Erica portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 30 - Oct 4, 2002
  • Erica
  • Woodlake and Reedley High Schools
  • Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks

How is Sequoia National Park different from home?

Well, life here is different in many ways. I live in the mountains, but I never had unknown people coming to my home in the state of Cal.

Everything is unique and the same too! Everything depends on eachother. Either, in its true surroundings or linked on eachother for life.

There's no cars, traffic, everyone in a hurry, stores, houses etc. It's peaceful, quiet, and just beautiful. It is heaven on earth. Life here stands in time, and admires it life and how much it means to them/it!

Learning about our air pollution really changes your look on things. That you could be killing something without actually being in the presence of it! It makes you think about what you do, who you are and how you can help!

You sink in time life around you is settle with a busy twist. Everything is quiet, but loud. No car horns only birds, chickmonks, nature! No smells of restaurants, just clean air, freshwater, trees. You see no humans, only trees, huge trees. Trees that could tell stories of time Before eyes of humans saw, Before the first crunch of leaves By human feet. When life around was an untouched blanked of snow. An endless time of life, beauty, and love. When only the wind would be the voice of the other side of the forest to the trees.

Drawing: logs

Imagine what it would be like to be one of the first people to live in the park.

I would be wonderful to live when this time was endless, untouched. I would of loved to live at the time of discovering the discovers by which hardly no one ever knew!

This land holds so many secrets that only a tree, rock, plant would know and we have no way of listening. So all I have to do is wonder and imagine.

Drawing: Beetle Rock view

To Whom it May Concern:

Everything is so beautiful up here. It's all peaceful and calm. People who think out in the wilderness is quiet are wrong beyond all imagining. Nothing is silent. You hear birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and everything else, like streams and wind!

It's like heaven, but on earth. Everything is lake a key to a door of wonder and imagination. All one has to do is unlock the door and discover! Well, gotta run. Until laters, Erica.

10/02/02 4:33 PM

Wow, what a trip. Backpacking was tiring but great. Being back in human society was a big change! I miss the snow, wilderness and nature, but am happy to be back.

While we were hiking, it started to snow. It was beyond beautiful. I was incredible. It was sooo cool. I was sooo happy. I didn't know what to say or think, only to admire the works of God & nature!

I was happy. I found myself! It was a wonderful experience! When we stopped a couple of times I could only remember the white snow all around me. It was really enjoyable.

Drawing: painter Drawing: Beetle Rock view

I remember one place quiet well; it was on the path and we were on our way there. You looked straight up the path and there were a dozen rocks on the path and buses on the left, and a big bush on the right that was steep and gradually met up with a rock face! There were two trees about 15 feet from where the forest stopped. You could see the other mountain and below! Snow kept coming from a slant. It was sooo beautiful. I could have stayed there, that one place forever and never miss the world.

On the way there, we saw three groups of people. One single, a dozen a and three people. They were nice! When we got their we first built a fire and then after that we put our tents up! We sat by the fire and talked! It was beautiful! There was a stream & lots of trees that were knocked over! Beautiful.

Night slowly came and it still continued to snow off and on. We made dinner and Robert, Saul, and Umar put three packages of rice on instead of two! They complained because they had to eat all of it. It was family! Then we told stories by the campfire. It was cool!

About 10:15, I went to bed, I crashed. It was cold, but I was all right. After I got up the next morning, it was beautiful! I am happy we came back but I miss it too! Well, see ya later Bye!

10/03/02 Ladybug Camp

Well, it is a real change here! No snow; sun, clear skies and beautiful weather. It really is enjoyable

On the way up, we passed by a few plants: mountain misery, poison oak, Cal. Black eyed tree, etc. We also passed a trap door spider-that was awesome!

Was good 1.6 mile hike. Could go farther, but I like the place we stopped and everyone was getting tired except a few who were used to hiking like this!

There is a beautiful stream right next to camp! Beautiful sounds! It sure will be easy to fall asleep.

On a personal note, I miss my Mom and sisters, mostly my Mom. Today I felt like crying because I figured out I lost my ring my Mom gave me when I was eight and then I also lost on the same chain/braided threads my guy friends ring! I really felt like crying. I have had those two rings forever! I wish I knew where I lost them. All I remember is I had it when we started hiking on Tuesday, so finding it is no luck! I will probably never see them again! My Mom is going to kill me! Well I hope these last 16 hours are better. Well, see ya!

10/03/02 5:26 PM

Well, we just finished gathering information about water/stream water and insects that live in the stream or by! Really interesting stuff. I learned that the oxygen in the water is in levels like elevation in the mountains: higher, the less air and lower, the less air too (in water)! And that the decomposition of plants in the water can eliminate a lot of animals!

Very interesting!

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