Sair portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 3-8, 2001
  • Sair
  • Atwater High School and the Detroit Metropolitan Community Center
  • Yosemite National Park. Glen Aulin

What I can bring to the group

What I can bring to this group is an open mind, good participation and a good friendship to the other group members. I came on this trip to have fun and to take some time off and think what I am going to do with my life now that I graduated high school and I still do no not know what I want to study or what I am going to do with my life and there is no better place to think and reflect than in the mountains. What I can take home from this trip is the memories of this experience, and the knowledge of the mountains to come up here with my family and friends or by myself to have a good time and enjoy the mountains in various different ways.

Atwater students

June 6, 2001

What did you do today? What is the importance of water research? What does WILDERNESS mean to you?

Today we went to White Cascade in the Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp and we did some water tests to find out how many nitrates were in the water, find out the pH , and the temperature of the water along with other experiments. I think that it is important to do water testing because you can find out what is in the water such as pollutants or other bacteria that can be harmful to the animals that drink or live in the water and to humans also. After we finish[ed] with the water testing we went on a Three mile hike to Water Wheel falls and the views and all the waterfalls and rapids we saw along the trail were very beautiful and amazing and they were worth the 6 mile hike roundtrip. The only little setback was that some of our group members were complaining the whole way and were being disrespecful to Perrine and Lena, but other than that I had a very good time.

From left to right: Sair, Eli, and Phillip rest on a smooth section of granite with a background of the lenticular "Sierra Wave"

GLOBE study sites

Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp site 1 is a high elevation area at about 8,200 feet. It is surrounded by lodgepole pines and it has a big waterfall called white cascade that falls into the Tuolumne river which water is very clear and you can see all the way into the river. Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp site 2 was a very shallow stream about 2 feet deep in most parts with some grass and lodgepole pines around it. Our data was in most parts fairly the same as the other data collected at the different sites. There was one big difference in the pH of Chain Lakes to the rest of the sites, because Chain Lakes had a pH of 3 and the rest were 7 which is neutral.

Sair collects a water sample from Glen Aulin Site #2.

"What is real?"

"What is real?" asked the rabbit one day... "Does it happen all at once, or bit by bit?. -Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit

After seeing all these amazing mountains and waterfalls it makes you wonder and think how such a beautiful place got created.

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