Krystin portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 3-8, 2001
  • Krystin
  • Atwater High School and the Detroit Metropolitan Community Center
  • Yosemite National Park. Glen Aulin

Why I'm here

The reason why I'm here is actually funny. I'm here because some nice people offered to bring me here no expenses and my grandmother always said, "You don't pass up a deal." Plus they made it sound so interesting when they explained it. Like you[']re going to Yosemite National Park (which I didn't know of), you[']re going [to] go hiking, go up mountains, see waterfalls and just stuff you never did before. Which is another reaosn why I'm here. I want to travel as much as I can, and every chance I get, I'm going to take.

Well, I have a good personality. I'm a very unusual character. I tell people stories and get serious then I say "sike" after they start to believe me. Then they just laugh. So I could be brining that to the group, but I don't talk to poeple I don't know so they might not know. I'm silly, goofy and like to have a nice time. They might think I'm funky acting and don't bring nothing to the group, but after awhile I break out and goof around with everybody else.

What I plan to take home is so different. I plan to have a way different attitude. Toward animals, nature itself, other people and adults which I already know a lot, but just the way I act. Because I am very, very outspoken, I have a big mouth and a[n] attitude toward things I don't like. Which I have to change and even I know that. I didn't really know how important nature and our whole environment was, os I know I will learn and I plan to take all of that home. Like all of the rangers said "once you've been here, you want to come back." I've been here for 3 days and already want to come back.

Krystin and Robert settle comfortably against a tree as they listen to Ranger Shelton Johnson

Today is June 6

Today is June 6 and we hiked a little ways from our campsite. We went to see a waterfall called [white] cascade which is very pretty. Then we did some water testing. Me, Anna, Robert, and Phillip did our testing on dissolved see how much oxygen is in water and we got 7[,] which Perrine said is very good.

I'm having fun, which I didn't think I would like it, because it[']s different and I never did it before. But I still can't wait to go home because it[']s no place like it. So I can sleep in my own bed, even though the sleeping is not that bad, to be able to take showers whenever I want. Most of all to answer my telephone to see my brothers and sister. See my cousins I always see and my niece and nephew. To talk to my godsister and my best friend. My boyfriend most of all because I'm not used to not talking to him, because we like actual[ly] talk all day and night or are always around each other.

My grandma, the true one I'm missing, because I am a grandma[']s girl, her special little helper. I know for sure I really can't go to tsu, because I wouldn't make it. But it[']s still fun and I am going to try to talk my grandma into bringing us here, because then I won't be worried. I'll just be having fun. Yosemite is a fun place and I'm glad I came. I['m] glad I got the chance and Ii found out about it. I just have to get use to a few things, like being dirty and being away from the people I am always around.


My quote says "Courage is not freedom from fear; it is being afraid and going on. Once you have looked fear in the face and have overcome it, you can do it again and again".

To me this quote means something and it explains itself really, but at first I was scared to come up the mountains for various reasons. One, [I] was scared about falling stuff like that because of the fact I am scared of heights, of the bears because they really try to scare you with that, just would I, let alone survive. But I was up to it because everybody else was and because this is what I came up here for. We walked and I complained but after a while everybody started to. But I climbed 8,000 ft. I'm here and I made it and it[']s almost over, we have one more day which is the day we will be hiking back. I keep saying Iwill never do this again, I know I can, but I don't know if I will. It depends on how in shape I am and how old I am. I probably would do something like this with my kids, but with a whole different attitude. I will be willing to do it not to say I wasn't willing to do this time, but next [time] I will know what to expect. So I have looked fear in the face and have overcame it. Now I can do it again and again.

Krystin and Joel are ready to continue the hike to Glen Aulin

My Soul Sister

I had to keep up on Lena our whole trip .The only thing I can say about her is that she is a very good sport. I haven't heard her complain once about her feet, legs, being tired at all. Even though I think she is trying to show good sportsmanship to our concern. I think if she started to complain then everyone would, even though it[']s already a lot of people complaining me being one. But you can tell she likes to do this and I guess that[']s why it[']s her job and I clap for her and give her a pat on the back[,] because I couldn't do this every week. One of the challenges she has overcame is taking a lot of complaining kids and just keep going and she has never been up here before so now she has another story to tell.

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