Houston portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 3-8, 2001
  • Houston
  • Atwater High School and the Detroit Metropolitan Community Center
  • Yosemite National Park. Glen Aulin

Our day

Today we went to Glen Aulin, Tuolumne Falls, White Cascade, and Waterwheel Falls. We collected samples of Nitrogen, pH, etc. from the water at Glen Aulin. The group I was in tested the water for Nitrate. We found the water contained no nitrate. We hiked a lot today, but I love it. I've seen a lot and all these waterfalls are beautiful. I dunno about culture, but to my family wildernes plays an important part. I've been camping since I was a baby and I live it. My family loves the outdoors and most of my friends do too.

Houston cools her feet off after the first half of the Tuesday's hike is complete

My quote

My quote says that if you're afraid, lonely, or unhappy than you should go outside, somewhre where you can be quiet and alone. I think that's true, because when I am depressed or just upset/unhappy I like to just go outside by

myself and be alone with nature. I think it calms me down and it give me time to think about things. It seems to really help me, at least most of the time. But if I just sit there and act like nothing is wrong while I'm with a group of people, it only makes it worse.

Houston reads the result of the Nitrate test at Glen Aulin Site #2

The people who have been here before us

I think it's amazing when you think of all the people that have been here before us. People like John Muir and Florence Hutchings, Answel Adams, etc. And then all the other people that we don't know about. But we be gettin' people from all over the place; Japan, Germany, Sweden. I wish I had been one of the first people to discover Yosemite. Then I'd be able to see it before any other humans began to build off of it and in a way destroy it (a little).

Left to Right: Houston, Chris, La Kia, Robert, and Krystin

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