Chris portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 3-8, 2001
  • Chris
  • Atwater High School and the Detroit Metropolitan Community Center
  • Yosemite National Park. Glen Aulin

June 4, 2001

I am Chris. Well to start off, I'm having fun at this wonderful park. It's got a whole lot of great things to look at. What I have to offer this park is my time as well as energy, because this is my park too. This place has a lot of nice things such as the trees, waterfalls, animals, and great sights. I will offer anything and everything it takes for them to keep this open to all of the wonderful people around the world. I came her to Yosemite because I wanted to become a part of history and what wildlife is all about and find out some things I didn't know about Yosemite.

June 6, 2001

Well today is a very nice day because we're at a waterfall and it's pretty and also the lake is cold, but it's a place to see and walk around to look at the mountain tops and to do things I have not done before in my life but it's like heaven out, it's so peaceful in the wilderness and it's a lot of open space as well as rocks and bugs.

Chris skillfully collects the surface water temperature at White Cascade

How I now view wilderness

Well my views about this place before I came to Yosemite or on the wildlife, I really never thought about it much. But now I really will respect it much more and what

I saw today was really cool, like lakes, waterfalls, and real big rocks, trees, lizards and fish.

A rainbow graces the mist at Tuolumne Falls.

But I like to look [at] nice stuff like that. Well wildlife have not change[d] me a whole lot, but how I look at it as an African-American is that Buffalo Soldiers were black so it's part of our. All the people that came with us were African-American and I think that is a fine place to be when you just want to get away from the city and the SAME people in your town.

Umar, Robert, and Chris are eagerly await the hike to Glen Aulin at the trail head.

Reaction to a quote

June 7, 2001

Well I have been good to myself because of many reasons and I love everything about Chris and it's a lot of things I have to do to make Chris a better person in life so that I can make it in life. I don't have to buy myself flowers to make Chris feel good. All I have to do is smile because I'm alive and another thing I can do is go see my 4 little brothers, my mom who I love so truly. Them 5 is who makes Chris happy along with some other things that's real. When I leave Yosemite, I will take a long bath without bubble because just taking a bath will make Chris happy. And I don't have to ride a "bitchin' bike to make me happy. Just walking puts a half smile on my face. The other half comes when I dance, when I see my family it makes me happy, and most of all, God keep me happy.

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