Malee portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 16-21, 2001
  • Malee
  • Sanger and Turlock High Schools
  • Hetch Hetchy

Hi my name is MaLee

Hi my name is MaLee. My personal goal is to finish or make it when we're hiking and backpacking. I don't want to be left behind. And to meet new people and to come out of my shell. And try to be a little more talkative.

My group goal is to try and work with other people and work as a team together. My Fear is getting lost out in the woods or anywhere else that's not a really big fear of mine. And getting hurt that's one of the things too.


To me challenge is physic[al] and Mental. The physic[al] part is having to hike miles and miles, hiking up and down hills, walking over rocks or on rocks just up and down through the whole hike. And the Mental part is thinking to yourself am I going to make it or not? By thinking that you challenge yourself even more because you start thinking up more and more things in your mind. Like saying I have to rest I can't go on, I'm ti[r]e[d]. I want to be there already, I don't want to do this anymore, I just want to go to sleep. And I'm never going to make it or saying I can't go on anymore. To me I think that's what challenge is.

All around me...

All around me is trees and soft white snow. I see beautiful trees and the barks on the trees, with big bunches, I see snow lots of white snow around the trees and on the ground everywhere else.

I hear, well I don't hear anything out here its just quiet out here very peaceful in the woods. I can hear the water from far away, and I hear other students talking to each other.

The things that I touch are big trees and barks, and I touch the snow that's all around. I can smell the trees, the different things out here it's different from home the smell of all those cars, the scent of the house, and shoes. I know that Yosemite is great and I will have a lot of fun here.

I had the greatest time

I had the greatest time in Yosemite. The last day was fun, we shared thigns around the table, the things were our thoughts and feel[ing]s. About our positive and negative thoughts. Well mine was that I opened up to people and I was shy and I didn't talk much. I kind of came out of my shell and talk[ed] to people. My negative was waking up to wet clothes and not dry clothes. Friendship is out there and I jsut need to go and find it.

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