Kelly portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 16-21, 2001
  • Kelly
  • Sanger and Turlock High Schools
  • Hetch Hetchy


I really want to walk away from this knowing I gave it my all. I want to be "there" for my group, giving all I can to the team effort. I want to leave with some awesome memories. I want to cleanse my soul from all of the stress and confusion back home. This, in a very literal sense is my "soul vacation".

As for the group- we're going to be able to do anything we're called to do, as far as I can tell. I have a fellow facilitator, and t other seem to be willing to cooperate and participate. One member seems to withdraw from group activity, anything he deems 'pointless' I wish to set an example to the other in making express effort in including him. I wish for us to be a family, and for us to bond over the duration of the trip. Everyone is great, I feel a strong sense of confidence in us all.

In the backcountry

We've made it up the trail, and have spend our first night here. The trail, though beautiful and awe inspiring with its wondrous sights and picturesque views of the dam, was difficult. We all became worn and exhausted, and I'm sure thoughts of giving up were shared silently anonymously. I wanted to give up, myself, a few times with the inspiration and encouragement of our leaders. I was proud of how our group came together. Everywhere I looked, there were people helping people. Though we were all tired, we mustered the strength to help each other though we were all parched and could have used every drop of water we could carry, we were all willing to share.

The rain

The rain has been quite an obstacle. Nature is the force to be reckoned with right now, as the damp cold does not help us find comfort so far from home. It has been a difficulty, I have found, to adapt to these conditions. This is my challenge- keeping dry- finding the perseverance and strength to carry on, and enjoy this experience. Challenges are obstacles, things that hinder your purpose or goal, and I, will conquer. My name is Kelly, meaning strength, and I will fulfill this call to be strong.

Water water everywhere...

The water is, ever, ever so wonderful. I have a great amount of fear for water, but am so gracious for it. For the span of an evening and a day, now, I have spent my time in the company of, in many ways, with H2O. For starters, the rain has been pitter-pattering our camp ground for quite some time, the beating sound of every raindrop kept me awake all night. And it's purifying and life-driving providence has endowed me with a wonderful burst of energy. WE spend a fraction of the day testing water, which came to be interesting, in that, the data was not completely accurate due to the rain. While almost everything we have brought has been soaked or at least been dampened by the weather, there is much joy in communicating around the fire Barb has built, while we attempt to chase out the moisture from the fibers of our clothing. But the majestic and brave nature of the running Rancheria Creek soothes my senses as I now sit relaxing and recording my thoughts.

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