Jennifer portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 16-21, 2001
  • Jennifer
  • Sanger and Turlock High Schools
  • Hetch Hetchy

I see...

I see the magic that was explained earlier. I see trees that surround us. I see the ground without garbage and mess. The snow is melting and it's so sunny. I hear the sound of the huge flies. I hear people that are enjoying being here too. Far away I think I can hear water. I hear the life of the forest flowing around me. I feel the wood below me, I feel that it has been here for years. I touch the bark and feel how smooth it is. I smell the scent of the trees, the smogless air. I smell the nature around me. I know that after leave that nature will resume to take it's course. I know that after I'm gone it will grow and be more beautiful and more magical.

My first full day

I have seen the giant sequoia and I stood next to it. I really felt insignificant compared to that beautiful tree. Its like staring up above and seeing infanite sky and knowing that I'm a small part in it. We just had a astronomy session. The stars are so bright and seem so close that it is so hard to beli[e]ve that they are so far away.

Wilderness and Challenge

Wilderness is to me a place of untouched land. It should be wild, never changed for the worst. Wilderness to me means a place to go that is always unique. To go somewhere that can inspire anything. Challenge is keeping up with the pace. To try your hardest and never giving up. Challenge to me is trying and never quitting. I get tired very easily but I know I tried my hardest.

Water What flows through me is what is flowing next to us. Water is a need that we always take for granted. We always think it will be there. The creek is raging the rain is pouring and everything is wet. But we know the sky will clear and we will dry but the creek will keep flowing. It is so beautiful and yes magical. I think that if we take care of it will always be there for us. Water is very important.

My rose and thorn

My rose is being able to push myself to the limit. I think everyone thinks they have a set limit but if we have the encouragement and the help from others we can all push ourselves farther then we ever thought. Going down up and down the mountain really pushed me to that limit.

The thorn was getting soaked and not being able to get dry.

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