Jeff portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 16-21, 2001
  • Jeff
  • Sanger and Turlock High Schools
  • Hetch Hetchy

I see...

I see nature all around me. The process [of] natural selection is taking place. I see raven's calling among the giant tree's. But most of all I see no people. I hear the so[u]nd of the wind through the trees . I hear the sound of bird's calling to one another.

Wilderness and Challenge

To me wilderness is a place w[h]ere not even a trail can take you. wilderness is when you truly feel alone in a place that is so inhabited,but you know only your internal instinc[t]s can keep you alive. Wilderness does not naturally tend to your needs . You have to feed , shelter, and protect yourself to truly be in a wilderness.

A challenge is when you push yourself as far as you think you can go and further . I'm not talking about mentally, because it takes a lot to wear you spirit down . Physically your body being tired tries to convince your me[n]tal half to give up . A challenge is when you don't let your body make the decision to quit, instead border line on the brink of giving up and never do.


Water... As I sit in the shelter of this huge rock trying to stay out of the rain I can help think that the same rain I am trying to protect my self from is the only reason life is on this rock in space is around . Even though the sun plays a big roll there are millions of suns with light supporting life that could easily grasp a planet to orbit itself, but there are few planets with a source of life such as water . Without this water it's too barren or to[o] hot even at the right distance from the sun to support life . It's easy to think how life began in water being that most of the earth is covered in it however the right climate is also a big factor.

Hiking out

Today we hiked out of the camp sit[e] due to the rain and snow . We hiked seven miles to a cabin that was across the dam. I think it was a good decision because even 700 feet down at the cabin it started to snow . Hiking down one day early was really smart because we won't be tired on the last day . Also it gave us a chance to dry off and get in a better mood.

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