Sarina portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 16-21, 2001
  • Sarina
  • West and Woodlake High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

Dear Journal...

Dear Journal,

This place isprettier than I imagined. You close your eyes and the sounds of the grounds cleanse your soul. It seems like all the worried you had back home are blocked from some sort of different world. Allow your body, mind, and soul to just absorb and become adventurous. My name is Sarina. I'm from Woodlake, CA where not so much action happens, but here in the park the sounds, the views, and feelings are different from those in my town. More......PEACEFUL.

When I arrived yesterday, I expected to be complicated such as "no fun". But it actually was welcoming and more exciting than I thought. I don't really have so much expectation, but I do hope there are serious factors. I do want to learn a little more about the world than views outside my front window at home. A bit different, but somewhat similar. Also outside living. It will be very useful and something excitedly taught to others.

When our teacher announced the trip in an invitation letter, I went to the meeting. It sounded like a great opportunity to go out in the park and learn more about life in this kind of valley. Also the environment and its property.

Everything is great. Today is our second day in Yosemite. We are in the Sequoia Gove. It's so pretty. Everything. The sounds, the views,

Good Bye for Now.


Dear Journal,

Today is the third morning, Thursday, April 19, 2001. It's Raining. Yesterday we hiked up to Hite's Cove. We set up our tends about 100 ft-150 ft from the South Fork [of the Merced] River.

It was exciting getting up our tents. We were the first ones to finish. Last night it began to rain while getting up. We ate rice, beans, cheese, tomatoes, and salsa for dinner.

Last night before I closed my eyes for sleep, I listened to the sounds of the Cove. It was real pretty. The sounds of the river seems to flow like a blanket on your soul. The rain falling against the tent feels like massages on your face.

Now I have to go to breakfast.

Good Bye for Now

Dear Mom,

I know I wrote such a short letter. I really miss you and the warmth of Jasper. Today I found a piece of hair that belonged to him which reminded me to write to you.

I can imagine how much you miss me. I miss your comfort, your food, and your company.

Tell Jordan, Jasper, and Shaquila I said I miss them and I'll continue to walk them on Sunday.

Mom, this trip went from good to bad. We climbed into a sunny day and slept into the rain. My body aches especially my knees.

I miss you and love you, but I can hear you say "I love you more, Mija!" and I would say "I know!"



Dearest Journal,

It's about 12 and we just came back from site #2. The sun's out so we came to a spot closer to the cliff where the sun shines.

It feels even better than the rain. Where we are sitting is great. The sun dancing and teasing along my face and the wind from the front of me brushes away the dancing.

David is reading a story from the book, Sounds of the Earth [The Earth Speaks]. This caterpillar fell smoothly from the tree onto Adriana's pants, but I don't think think she notices. Now we are going to play a game.

Carlos locates one of the pictures for the Forest Service archaeology project while Sarina compares the site to an older picture. Jose takes a current photograph.

Book: Part One (Tamara, Virginia, Melissa, and Sarina)

"Life at it's Peak"

April 20, 1850

This is the fifth year in which the people who are the color of the snow have been around to pick out the rocks which look like the sun.

My father warns me to not be sighted by these men who are the color of the snow. But they have all these weird looking gadgets that I'm so interested in, especially the one that smashes rocks but it looks better for Acorns since it's more useful.

My name is Chiqi Niche, which means Lil Bear. They call me this because I'm so immature that I leave traces in the most clumsy of ways.

There's this store past the bridge, but the men there are from the waters where the sun sets. The difference is their eyes are shaped like rain drops. Just the other day my sister went in the men who have eyes of rain drops' store for some of the gourmet food, but she was kicked out. My father went and his voice wasn't heard, but he wanted no trouble so we weren't heard or seen.

When we got home father scolded both of us. I ask why me? He told me because he saw me there above the mountain. Then father told us to met a woman of snow with clear sticks on her eyes.

Father hasn't told Agua and me that he is going to marry the woman of snow with clear sticks.

I walked over to the big wood where I met this woman of snow with clear sticks. I asked what are those clear sticks for. She said to see better.

Then we worked around the big wood which they called "Hotel". We were taught to make beds and write and do book keeping by the woman of snow with clear sticks who we were to call Margaret.

One day I met this woman of snow with fire on her head, but it didn't seem to cause her any pain. Quite funny.

About 2 months later father married this Margaret woman who is very nice. And I'm expecting a young brother to play with. For I have a sister already.

I met this boy who kinda looks like me but is more hairier. His name is Guadalupe Castillo, but he told me to call him Lupe because he says we are best friend. Father says he's not to be spoken or spoken to because they are dangerous, but I still play with Lupe.

One day we sat on the bridge by the hotel, he told me a story about the high mountain he calls it Casa de Diablo, which means Devil's House. We both plan on climbing up this mountain in a morning. I made Lupe these clean stick figures. He looked at me funny and ask what's this for? I told him for you can see better. He just laughed. I got mad and told him why do you laugh. He said these are not clear sticks, they are glasses. I just told myself glasses, what's glass? But I didn't want to be laughed at even more. I have question for everything, but soon Lupe will inform me more about this.

I also taught Lupe how to play poker which the woman of snow with fire who told us to call her Tamara, she taught us how to play. Lupe and I have a lot of fun.

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