Jose portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 16-21, 2001
  • Jose
  • West and Woodlake High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

Hi, I'm Jose

Hi, I'm Jose and I come from Woodlake with the WildLink Program. I decided to come to Yosemite because I though it would become a great experience in my life. I also wanted to learn more about the nature and its outside. So far I have learned a lot and had a great fun time. I've met new people from other places as well as made friends with them. I am not sure of why I was picked, but I am happy to have been invited. I thought I knew many things from nature, but I was wrong. I have been seeing many new things as well as learned many things too, I am hoping that in this week I spend up here, I get to know many people, speak out, and learn so many things I did not know from before. Nature is a great place to be. It is very relaxing, comfortable, and especially fun. Hopefully, everything will go perfect during the hike and the backpacking trip. When I was coming up here I was hoping to see a little bit of snow at least in top of roofs or in the floor, but to my surprise there has been plenty of snow everywhere. I've had time to play with it, build things, and also walk on it. Now for my hiking trip I'm not sure of what else I want to see, but I bet that everything I see will be wonderful.

Right now as I am sitting here in a log, I could hear the stream, birds, and once in a while people walking around. Even though I wanted to be in the shade I ended up in the top of the cut off tree where all the sun feels hot. It is amazing of how beautiful everything could be.

The GLOBE Program

I think that the importance of the GLOBE program is to do research of the different surroundings. Here in Hite's Cove, we are researching the water, and the air, to see if we could keep this place like it is. (Miners) The mind diggers are trying to come back and look for more gold, which means that the rivers could become contaminated and most of this habitat could be damaged. Our research was easy. We checked the temperature of the water which was 10 degrees [Celsius], and measured different chemicals to check the oxygen in the water.

The week...

This is all I could write for now, since in the tent and all around I hear my name said and used in different ways all around camp. I'll think more of the gold mining later, since right now I hear the rain get stronger outside. I've been thinking that even though this week has been going by slow I can't believe that we are going home tomorrow. I'll really miss all the good and bad times I shared with everyone here, but I am hoping to see everyone again some other time. If I ever get another chance of another experience like this I think I would take it. Well got to go now since my journal is tearing apart.

We are back

We are back. Had a great week even though there were different weathers. I still say it was a great experience.

Thank you very much.

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