David portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 16-21, 2001
  • David
  • West and Woodlake High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

Traveling back in time in Hite's Cove...

My story is on[e] of time travel and here it is:

The rain poured down as teh backpacker made his way to Hite's cove. His backpack and clothes were drenched. He was tired. The trail was muddy and slippery. He leaned against the side of a hill and the surface crumbled under the weight of his boday, and then it fell away. A deep shaft had opened.

The hikder decided to not journey further into the tunnel. He spend the night sleeping at the entrance. The rain poured all night. In th morning, it was still raining.

The hiker awoke. He eard a voice deep in the tunnel. It sounded like a woman laughing. The hiker waled in further. He saw the woman.

She spoke to him with thse words, "Let me show you the way out." The hiker knew the way out however. He wanted to say so, but too late, she grabbed [his] hand and led him all the way to the exit. The woman disappeared Outside there were streets and people and sunshine. Where was he?

Then the hikder remembered his pre-hike history lesson his friend had told him. This was Hite's cove, a gold mining city. The hiker wanted to turn back, but he didn't.

He spend the day in the town. People couldn't see him, but he could see them. What he saw was civilization. He hated it. People everywhere! The waste from the mines pouring into the river horrified him. The roads were easy to walk, but he hated how it changed the shape of the landscape. Hite's Cove as a city made him sick to his stomach. He wanted to escape. He ran into the mine shaft in which he exited and was swept away back to his own time. the rain once again poured down and the hikder looked out and was happy. His wilderness was restored. No mining would happen in Hite's Cove this day.


...I do want to talk about this weather we're having...

...I do want to talk about this weather we are having. It is terrible, I suppose. However, we can get through this. It really is important rain comes through. It is part of the cycle of life. Both scientists and the very religious would agree that this rain has a purpose and there is a reason for it. So scientists should be happy now! Some do obviously. Lena

certainly does. Well I know that if I need to be in weather like this, I couldn't be with a greater group of people. I do not regret coming at all. I was sick Monday, but I got over it. I was a little weak Tuesday, but I got through the day okay. Wednesday the hike was hard, but I did alright. Today this rain seems to be penetrating everything and making everything wet, but I know I am with a wonderful group of people who in the end have the power to make everything not just good, but great. I look forward to the next few days and the challenges ahead. I look forward to working together with my 11 other teammates and the two team captains. We are not two groups of six students. We are one group of 12. WE will never be two groups of six ever again. We will always be a team. Before this trip, True, we were two groups of six, but destined to meet each other. Why will [we] be a team? Because we all share a common experiene, a common adventure. Even if we never talk to each other for months, or years, or ever again, we will always be a team, and as always, Friends. Friends forever, I think that is the theme of this week.

The GLOBE Project

The GLOBE project, as promised, can be talked about now. This project is important, as I have already stated. It is happening world wide. It provides insight to lots of people about the quality of our world. Our world needs to be better protected, Not just in Hite's Cove. The government needs to [take] action. The United States is a world leader. As a world leader, the fight for our environment should be a number one priority. Using the GLOBE project and through signing into deals such as teh Kyoto treaty, which limits emissions from factories, the fight for our environment can be won. The GLOBE Project is important on a worldwide scale, without it, an important link will be missing.

I wil never forget this experience in Hite's Cove or my experience in Crane Flat. I am happy I came. I am happy about a lot of things. I am happy I made new friends who I will never ever forget. I am happy I thre that snowball at the unexpecting girls from West High. If I hadn't done that I would not of made friends with them as fast as I did. I got to know people from my own school better as well. I am happy about all this, and I won't ever forget. Yes, I am very happy about this trip and I do not want it to end. I am happy, very happy.

There is a sad side to all this of course. I miss my mom, my dad, e-mails from my brother and sister, and my two dogs, Chloe and Chelsea.....

....So from all the snowballs, snowmen, long hikes, short hikes, dirty cups, bowls, and spoons, conversations with people and that everlasting traveling monument, Seymore, I will remember my experience here. I will miss my teammates from West High, Lena, the Mayor of Hite's Cove, and Perrine, our captain.

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