Yesenia portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 25-30, 2001
  • Yesenia
  • Divisadero Middle School and Sunnyside and Redwood High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

"I learned a lot from meeting new friends here. I learned new languages and how to trust people we don't even know."

My goal...

My goal is to make it to our destination. It is peaceful and quiet place. So far I've enjoyed this trip with my friends and the group. Nicole and Perrine are very nice, they give me confidence.

"Earth is peaceflowers are naturetrees are lifemountains are living"

Everyone listens as Yesenia reads a passage from The Earth Speaks

Life as a droplet of water....

If I were a droplet I would be coming from the sky. I would be a cloud when it [condenses] I would become rain, then if the [cloud] become higher, I would be snow. After I become the snow, I will fall on the ground or the river. In case, if it was that I

fell on the ground, I would melt and go into the rivers. Especially the Mississippi River, I would go there or the Amazon to go from there to the Atlantic Ocean and then to the Gulf of Mexico and from there to the Mississippi River then to another river across the US to the Pacific Ocean.

The secret...

The secret of the things we were discussing about were how the water cycle works and, what do we breathe and release, and how trees get their energy and food. Well, first of all it all starts out with the sun. The sun gives sunshine to the plants and trees, then we breathe and they suck in all the carbon dioxide while they exhale too. We suck in all the oxygen, they release it. [The water evaporates from the plants], which comes from the rain or the snow which makes the cycle keep on going on.

"The waves are the sound and voice of the earth."

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