Tu portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 25-30, 2001
  • Tu
  • Divisadero Middle School and Sunnyside and Redwood High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

I've learned...

I've learned that photosynthesis is a type of way plants make their food. They need water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight to make their food. Without one of these things, they can't do it.

In every plant, photosynthesis is going on. They take the water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight to make the food. In their process of making food, they produce glucose, which is sugar. The water the plants suck up also evaporate[s] through the plant and back to the sky.

Tu writes in his journal by the calm of the river.

Life as a water droplet...

I've been all over the world. Every place there is in the world, I've been there. The world is a very spectacular place.

The best places I've been to are the Yosemite Falls, Nile River, and the Great Lakes, between Canada and the US

I think that Yosemite Falls was kind of rough. I was first turned into snow. As I came down from the sky, I was blown real hard to a huge rock. A couple months passed and I melted. When I came down the Yosemite Fall, I was kind of scared. The height of it was high. When I hit the rocks, I splattered everywhere, but managed to get back together and flow down the river.

The Nile River was a long journey. I got kinda bored on it. I came down from the sky as rain. It was fun at first because I got purified and was drunk by a person. I wasthen digested and back into the river. From then on I was just staying on the river with nothing to do. I finally reached the ocean in a couple of weeks. From there on, I was evaporated back up.

The best place I've been to was the Great Lakes between the US and Canada. I was up there for years. The first way I got there was in a snow form. I dropped on the lake and was frozen for month until it melted. In the summer, there [were] lots of tourists, but I was already part of a cloud. I never did get to stay in the form of a liquid until winter came.

I was transferred onto the other lakes. I've been to all the lakes. Even though I didn't get to spend time in the summer as a liquid, I was happy that I've got[ten] to see all the lakes.

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