Susan portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 25-30, 2001
  • Susan
  • Divisadero Middle School and Sunnyside and Redwood High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

Who am I .....

My name is Susan. I am Lahu. Lahu is my ethnical background and culture. I really don't know the whole history of it I know parts of it. My parents were born in Thailand they were raised and practically lived there until they came to America. We are Asian and we are Christian. Also I have 2 older brothers and 1 younger brother and I'm the only girl. I love my family and they are my everything that's why in a way I felt sad and lonely of the trip cause I was missing my parents and all of this made me home sick, but know I'm getting over it and the trip is fun.

What I feel...

What I feel .... today now I am in the tent sitting by myself and I feel very happy and relax that I made it today. It was a fun day we went to the rivers and learned new stuff helped people worked together it was all teamwork.

The people that I'm with are all nice people they help you and they are all good people. They all respect each other and respect their privacy. Like I said they are all good people.

I just love hearing the rivers flowing it makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I just wish that I could just live here. I think when I go home I will miss the feeling of the rivers[,] sleeping outside[,] enjoying the flowers blooming, but at least I know that I will have memories of this trip with the sketch book and the journal.

I feel sometimes that I feel rather alone cause I don't talk much to them. When I'm at home I mostly talk a lot and I never stop but when I came here I couldn't communicate to[o] well cause I was home sick again and that I didn't know the people well and I didn't want them to think I was a annoying person or something like that. Overall I got to communicate with a lot of people and like I said they are all nice and I will never forget them.

March 28, 2001

March 28,2001 What I experience, learned and thought....this trip is amazing I learned so much stuff when we did the experiment. I learned that the Hite's Cove temperature of the water is 10 degree[s] Celsius. Also the pH is 7.63 and our elevation in Hite's Cove is around 501 [m], amazing. I've just learned so much and happy that I did. I experience so much and inside of me. I'm telling myself this was a good opportunity that

Sue and Nary help Susan across the "acid river" for the group challenge.

I got chosen to be here with great people and they all had great personality towards everyone. I think inside I accomplish[ed] a lot of stuff and for me was just being able to come to Hite's Cove. This place is just beautiful and I hope that I'll get to come back with my friends and family and let them see how it is in the wilderness.

Susan investigates a flower with a botanical hand lens.

GLOBE Data Collection

March 28,2001 The experiment at the river. Today we experiment[ed] on water. We were separated into groups and had different jobs to do. Like for me I had to find the temp[erature] and the pH. I think that's what it is called. All the group [spent] there time well. Now I am by the river and just sitting on the rocks thinking to myself how beautiful this is. This experiment was fun and I am enjoying this just learning about nature and just being able to live a nature life. Now I kind off don't feel home sick no more because I'm learning so much stuff and it is making me not think of anything else.

March 29, 2001

March 29,2001 Today is our last whole day until we leave tomorrow. So we did a lot of stuff. First we had to look up some pictures and we had to find the area where they were at and we had to take the picture and see what the difference were. Then we also had to do another experiment and that was fun. After that on we all just talked and drew picture[s] and talked about stuff and telling stories. This day will always be with me and I know this will be the last full day that we are all here together until tomorrow morning when we have to hike back to where we started and go back home. I know in my heart this trip was the best trip ever and I will never forget about it. !!!!!!!! :)

The Poppy

March 29,2001 What relates to me.....To me I think I am rather as a poppy flower. Poppies are really beautiful an[d] peaceful to look at. It rather relates to me because when it blooms out it makes me [feel] inside that I'm happy that I am here and standing up nice and tall and it makes me have confidence in myself like the poppy. Then when it close[s] in at night time it's like me taking my time to rest and enjoy the night and be freely happy in the morning that I am here and nowhere else. The poppy is such a amazing to me I know I might not look like it or smell like it but at least I know how it feels to be like it!

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