Sue portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 25-30, 2001
  • Sue
  • Divisadero Middle School and Sunnyside and Redwood High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

"On this trip, well, I wasn't going to come because of school, but I came because I'm not going to have this chance over again. Hey and now I would never give up this trip for anything."

Reflections on the hike...

We are halfway down to our camp site. Hite's Cove is a very beautiful place. It's like a dream where you could never reach or touch it. I'm very happy that I have this opportunity to come here and explore more of Yosemite.

I'm here alone
It's so calm and peaceful
I wish that lots of

people can see what
nature brings to us.
It's a place where your
mind can run free.
To me being a person
you have the right
to forget about things and relax.
Just kick back and let
Nature do its work.

Water is the never ending road of our life...

Water is the never ending road of life. What I mean about that is we need water so we won't die. If the water is not clean then we get sick. In water you have to see if there is a good amount of pH, [little to] no Nitrate, and if it has Oxygen.

What lives in water[:] fishes. And if there is too much of something then it dies. Also, if there is not that many things of something else it is not good too. It's very important that we know this because we might end up not having that much of a water supply.

Flowers everywhere

Flowers everywhere,
Flowers Flowers Flowers.
They come in different colors.
They come in different sizes
But we all love them

Each of these flowers have a meaning to it or a long story. Everyone knows that life without flowers is like life without color.

Nary and Sue try to determine the name of a flower by using a taxonomical key.

"Don't judge someone until you love them"

I forgot that phrase and I think that was it. On this trip I have learned to accept everyone for who they are. I have learned so much about them. Especially with the Acidic [River] game. It was very challenging because each time we took more than two steps we would have to start over. It was not only challenging but very funny. We laughed at our mistakes and tried again. No matter what. Life includes so many things, you life, you eat, and etc., but you should always remember that living your life is very precious. It's precious because you open up more not only that but the true you in being opened.

When I'm usually in a group I used to be very quiet. I didn't talk much. I was shy as you can say. Something inside myself said "you are not going to get no where if you don't ask questions or get involved." It's hard because there are many things that happened here.

Being a part of this group I learned about their feelings toward things. Working together is a big part in what brings all of us together. [It] was a big challenge.

Maria and Sue present each other to the group.

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