Joey portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 25-30, 2001
  • Joey
  • Divisadero Middle School and Sunnyside and Redwood High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

My name is Joey

My name is Joey. I came from Hong Kong. I speak Chinese and a little bit English. I [have] live[d] in America [for] almost one and half years. I have five people in my family includ[ing] me. In here I live with my aunt['s] family, my sisters and my mother. My father is in Hong Kong. I like America because Ii could learn more English and have better life. And this is my first time to come Yosemite and carry that heavy backpack to hiking. Why i'm here because I like to learn more about science and people. I also want to know how the waterfalll like, because i don't see the real one only see on the movie or TV. I know this place is very nice and beautiful. And all my teacher said okay and they said here is a great place so I come here. In those days I was very enjoy i have happy time and sad time. The happy time is I can know more science and more people and can see the waterfallsl and the nature. I very like nature. When I heard the river the sound I feel comfortable. The sad and hard time is when I [was] hiking i felll down two to three time[s] already. This is very hard and very heavy to me, when i walk i want to give up and miss my mother and my boyfriend and school. But I very want to try how the tent like and sleep outside the feeling because this is my frist time here. So I don't give up. I always fall down, the friends they help me. When I arrived [at] the place, we make the tent. I dont' believe I can do that. I very happy i could do that. Now my goal is everybody don't get hurt. We all people enjoy the trip.

Expedition IV members work together to solve a group challenge

My journal

On March 25 is Sunday[.] This is my first time to come Yosemite. When my teacher drive to the C[urry] village..I saw two water falls. [It] is very beautiful. The water [is] like the ice or snow come [coming] down. I [was] very surprised. Here [it] is a beautiful place. When we came here, I met some new friends and me and my friends and one girl sleep [slept] in one room. I [was] very happy to meet that girl. I don't know how to spell her name, but she is nice and also I met Fresno school people and Visalia middle school people. They are Hmong, Coloda, Spanish. They are all nice and when we know our room so we go to eat dinner and after that we all walked to one place. I don't know how to spell that place because my English is very bad. I listen[ed] [to] two ladies sing. This is very cool and funny. I remember when I walk[ed] that [it] was very dark and cold, but I enjoy[ed] [it] there, and also, I met a lot of Chinese people, they all come from another school. This day I was very happy and enjoy[ed] [it] because I can meet other school people and can go this beautiful place.

Joey, Carlos, and Nary stop their water research to pose for a picture.

Today is Monday and it was fun. We took the first hike in the wood[s] to get to the lower water fall [Lower Yosemite Falls].On Tuesday we are going to Hite's Cove and they say that it is fun.

Today is Tuesday and we just got my tent set up. I'm right now going to get some fresh water. I couldn't get fresh water cause the fresh water thing [water filter] was not working. So I just came back without fresh water. Right now [I] am typing . I'm waiting for dinner I'm so hunger [hungry].

Today is Thursday and we are at a new place. I went into the water and my feet was [were] cold. So I just get out of the water and I went to the big rock so I can [could] find some small rock[s] so I can [could] skip rock[s]. My highest [longest] skip was 7 time[s]. Then I went into the water and got my head wet.

Thank you

I had a good time and I want thank Nicole and Perrine. THANK ALL OF YOU FOR LETTING ME COME HERE.

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