Hector portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 25-30, 2001
  • Hector
  • Divisadero Middle School and Sunnyside and Redwood High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

It is so incredible...

It is so incredible. There were so many animals and birds, everything. When I got to the lower Yosemite Falls. I was speechless. There are so many amazing things down here. You have to go. If I were rich enough, I would send the whole world out here because the same chance I got to come, I would like to return.

Hector and his group perform the dissolved oxygen test on the South Fork of the Merced River

Hite's Cove

Today has been a rough day. Is not the food, but the water really killed it. I felt like my throat just got cut off and my nostrils were getting dry as a river without water. This is the most beautiful place I've been in for years. This place besides the river was when I wrote all of this.

I have not been feeling good all day today. I seem to be sneezing more than usual. This day was like a rock in between a stream of water. No one can move you.

The food was good. Oatmeal for breakfast was excellent. I have never liked Oatmeal since today. I felt like asking where they buy it so I will. For lunch, we had a tortilla crust with some cream cheese and cheese slices. I only got the green thing because I was hungry. I hope we have some lemonade today because it can help me a lot. We also did the experiments today.

My Freedom

I am like a pine tree.
I stand strong and straight up before your very eyes.
I get disappointed or hurt every time you tear away my hands or fingers.
I get happy every time you water me and look at me.
I depend so much on you,
You are my life, my guardian, my soul,
And even when I die,
I would have some time, to look forward towards my next life.

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