Mike portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 28 - Nov 2, 2001
  • Mike
  • Kingsburg, Reseda, and Turlock High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park

Excitement and Expectations

The wilderness is place of wonder and amazement, [a place] to marvel at the size and magnitude of the Great Walls of the Valley. People, trees, [and] animals are all small details in a very big picture. Not just the planet but the universe [is] all showing the love and care of a great all-powerful artist.

Rancheria Falls at Night: 10/31/01

It's nighttime now and it is very beautiful. I'm sitting by a waterfall of Rancheria Creek and the sounds are beautiful and the view is magnificent and the full moon completely illuminates the night and gives it a nice feel. Lena and Jamie just walked out of the trees [in costumes!] and gave us all candy. What would really finish this moment would be my friends back home and my family. I really miss them.

If you are reading this: Hey, Brandon, Chris, Mike, Veronica, Erica, Marilu. I also want to say Hi to my family: Hi, guys. I'm having a lot of fun. I've also met a lot of new people. But I really miss back home--it's time to stop writing, bye.

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