Dominique portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 28 - Nov 2, 2001
  • Dominique
  • Kingsburg, Reseda, and Turlock High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park

Rancheria Falls at night: 10/31/01

It feels just wonderful being outdoors at night. I totally love it outdoors. For me, to be outdoors, at night, in such a beautiful place is just amazing (considering I'm a night person and I love to connect with nature when I have the opportunity to do so). I can't believe that I'm actually sitting on the edge of a rock overlooking a waterfall. This has gotta be my best experience here in RancheriaCreek. As I sit and listen to the sound of the water riffling through the rocks, [it] makes me realize how grateful I am to have the chance to see the "true beauty" of nature and everything nature has to offer. I am totally appreciative of all its offerings.

Wilderness in my past, present, and future...

Wilderness has been filled with beauty throughout time. In the past, nature has been a symbol for beauty as well as in the present. With the help of others and the appreciation of all, wilderness can continue to be a place filled with various things. For example, nature can continue to be peaceful, enlightening, and educational. I believe that we, as humans, shall begin (if [we have] not yet started) caring for the wild(erness) and taking care of all its surroundings. Everyone should have the responsibility as humans and every result depends on our actions. The present has depended on the past and now it's time for the future to depend on the present.

New Experiences and a Changed Perspective

Throughout the duration of this trip, I thought I wasn't going to have an exciting trip, but I guess I thought wrong because I have had such an exciting time. The main thing that really caught my eye at Rancheria Creek was the waterfall. When I was sitting near that waterfall, I closed my eyes and that waterfall just took me to another place. I never get the chance to just be in a place and think about everything that's occuring in my life, now. I even fantasized on things like my career, my family, and how wonderful it would be for me to just stay in Yosemite for longer than a week. I actually learned a lot here. Some of the things I loved or learned here would be interacting with a younger and more diverse group than last year's WildLink team, and how take things seriously when [you] need to (like backing off when a bear is near), and helping others at all times.

Dominique was excited to return to WildLink in 2001 as an Expedition Assistant!

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