Danny portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 28 - Nov 2, 2001
  • Danny
  • Kingsburg, Reseda, and Turlock High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park

Goals and Contributions:

I want to push myself when we go hike. I want to learn as much as I possibly can . My overall goal is to get as much out of this week as possible.

What I bring to this group: I try to bring laughter. I never really try to do or say funny things but I say or do what is on my mind. (If it is appropiate!)

Today we hiked 6 miles up the Hetch Hetchy [Reservior]. It rained the whole way there. I thought we weren't going to make it before dark but we did. The hike was long and exhausting but it was really nice. A lot of times i felt like giving up and stopping but I couldn't because everyone else kept on going. I felt really proud after reaching my goal.

Wilderness in my past, present, and future...

In the past I enjoyed camping at the lakes with my family. It wasn't even as close to as hard or as fun as what I am doing right now. I am having a lot of fun backpacking and am really sad that I have to leave soon. I hope in the future that I will go backpacking a lot, especially with a lot of people.

New Experiences and a Changed Perspective

I had a bunch of new experiences. Some were fun. Like hiking 6 miles in the rain and staying outdoors for three days [and] two nights. Another was seeing a bear which was kinda cool but a bit scary.

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