Janice portrait
  • Expedition: Dec 1-6, 2000
  • Janice
  • Reseda and Tokay High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

The Hike

At the beginning of our hike, I didn't think I'd have any fun till I got to the campsite. But after about a quarter of a mile, I started to see the beauty out here and having fun. During the middle of our trip we saw newts and other things along the way that made it interesting. But along the way, I slowed everyone up by an old injury that recurred in my foot. We stopped for lunch and fixed it though after that me and Vicki were the caboose ofthe line. But we had fun. When we got to the site, I was happy. I got to rest and caught my breath. Just sitting here listening and watching the water was amazing.

To be a giant sequoia tree

To be a giant sequoia tree would be awesome. You'd have the pleasure of little creatures living on and all around you. You get to feel the sunlight every morning reaching out towards your body filling you with energy. To hear the birds chirp and the coyotes howl and have the feeling of Being alive.

A pessimistic thing about being a great sequoia would be the Humans. Because they would bring a great deal of commotion with them by bringing cars around and building around or on top of you. There's always a fear of "I wonder if I'll be cut down or destroyed today!"

There would be no way for you to prevent things like fires except by being a little bit fire resistant. You get to see things grow and live then become old and die. You get the pleasure of seeing other plants and animals live their lives and to think even after you die, things and other organisms will still live on and in you like fungi and little creatures. And just by being around, dead or alive, you create different adventures and experiences for other organisms. You get to be a part of nature that's the Best part!

I loved and learned...

I loved everything but the cold part and the feet hurting part. It was nice how we all got along right away. It's a great experience for everybody. I learned that no matter your situation, being in the wilderness can change everything. Your opinions and the way you look at things change when you're out in the open world. You get to conquer your fears, meet new people, and experience other things in life. It's one of the best experiences you could have. It's sad that we're leaving because even through all this time, I would have liked to stay longer. I loved being here and if you're reading this I would just want to say thank you, I had fun. Keep in contact.

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