Ian portrait
  • Expedition: Dec 1-6, 2000
  • Ian
  • Reseda and Tokay High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

Giant Sequoia

Hite's Cove: Past and Present


Every morning I wake up, get dressed, and go do my usual gold mining. It sucks what you have to go through just to get a buck. Just the other day, I saw one of my good friends die while in the mine shaft. After mining, I like to go under the locust trees they just put in the ground and draw the beautiful scenery. Since I live here, there's nothing much to do or nothing to spend my money in except that little store up in China Town.


This place is very beautiful. You have birds chirping (sometimes), nice miniature waterfalls, green trees and a beautiful, nice color blue sky. If people were to come live [here], this place would be ruined. No one should be allowed to be here except to hike through.

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