Elvira portrait
  • Expedition: Dec 1-6, 2000
  • Elvira
  • Reseda and Tokay High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

Life as a Giant Sequoia

As a giant sequoia tree, I would enjoy the constant beautiful scenery, peace, and the sounds of the birds. The forest is one big community with different families of trees. I stand proud, looking beautiful and tall, with my red body. The best moment is when the sun comes up and shines directly at me, bringing out the brightness and the shine of my leaves. Sunlight, with the sounds of the birds singing quietly, is the best moment. Total silence, lost in my thoughts, forgetting all problems, and just concentrating on yourself is really what you need in life once in a while. I like it when people come because I give them joy and give them what they come here for-- a beautiful view of nature. When they touch me, I feel their warmth and love. When they stand there and look at all trees, I feel proud. I like people, but I also enjoy time alone with my trees with total peace. I think about the future and my goal to please and bring joy and serenity to others. When I look around, I feel the love. Most importantly, it relieves my stress and I could forget about my problems and just look inside myself and me at one with nature. I look around and I feel proud of what I have accomplished. I've lived through so much, seen a lot, yet I still realize that everything is still yet to come. As long as I live, I'll always learn something new every day from other trees, people, the animals and birds.

Hite's Cove

As we arrived at our campsite, I felt joyous, peaceful and tired- but happy to be here. Listening to the total silence, except the sound of the river, makes me totally serene, clearing out my head. During the hike, I was amazed with nature- how beautiful the river looked with the sun shining on it.

What I loved and learned

During the trip, I loved just being here with new people This was my first major experience outdoors, and I really learned to appreciate nature. It was really nice to get away from all the stress you get in a city and just totally clear out your head. I also realized how precious life is and that you have to find time to really enjoy it. Being out here really showed me that the environment is precious and really beautiful.

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